“Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”

“Told in a restrained but highly effective style, reminiscent of Kazuo Ishiguro’s brilliantly understated bestseller “Never Let Me Go”, “Cult Child” provides frightening insights into the methods and after-effects of religious coercion. Her fortress is no bigger than the space between her ears; but through quiet internal resistance, Sila halts her opponents and outlasts their ten year siege.”

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Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial

M. Dolon Hickmon is a freelance columnist for The Freethinker and OnFaith. He explores the intersections of religion and child abuse in essays published around the web, as well as in the pages of his critically acclaimed novel, 13:24 – A Story of Faith and Obsession. You can follow his writing on Twitter @TVOS1324.





6 thoughts on ““Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”

  1. What an awesome review that was. We personally, cannot wait to read your book. It will have to wait a while, until we get things a little more pieced together for ourselves, this I know you understand. But, you are all amazing and brave. Proud to know you. -CCChanel, Alex, et al


    1. thank you, cc. In my own head these days. I appreciate that you took the time. I need to catch up. Feeling a bit tired – had to get through a final book edit (it’s done) – other life happens kind of moments. As we tarry on. ❤

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        1. It means a lot. I/we are no often checked on (unless we are needed in some capacity meaning there’s an agenda) – that’s how much it means. ❤ I would ask how you all are, but I should probably catch up on your feed first. Always sending living vibes your way, covered with sunshine.

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          1. Right back atcha. U get rest. We did a huge series trying to explain basic DID for us and who readers were talking to cuz they were confuse d. Just us. No links. It’s long. Short version. No need. U rest up just really making sure u were ok. Hahaha. U r already there. LMAO. Love u!


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