We Are Your Revelation

Sexual abuse, trauma;Leaves physical scarsToo deep to ever leave.They etch into the skinA constant reminderOf being a victim. Torn tendons in groins.Cracked backs,Hips askew and brainsWracked from pain,From the blows you threw,Sadistic things who,Found their way to earth,Soon returning to the dirtWhere they belong,Fodder for worms,Leaving behind aftermathThat the apatheticWant to forget. We will never … Continue reading We Are Your Revelation

The Outhouse and a Sears Magazine

When I was a child growing up on Sam Fife's cult compound in Alaska, we did not have electricity or plumbing. As a result, we used the bathroom in chamber pots and outhouses. We also did not have toilet paper. Our toilet paper was often a Sears magazine with anything that wasn't "proper" for us … Continue reading The Outhouse and a Sears Magazine


After cult life IKnow what it's likeRun across the roadIn the dark nightSteal vegetablesFrom the neighboring farm And it harm noneMama formed the missionHolding her BibleA glory soaked misfit Cold seeped doorwaysOn an old trailerIn lot Number sevenPiling up blanketsSummers fanning heat There was no heavenIn our empty stomachsOr a cruel mother whoStood us in … Continue reading Poverty

Solitary Respite

There are those for whomThe night opens up her armsEmbracing sadnessIn the singing wind charms For me she is closing Closing the spacesI once sharedClosing the trustI once spared She speaks of onenessNow I know there isNo such conceptWhere once I believedI was emphatically deceived I am not oneWith the envy of the blackI am … Continue reading Solitary Respite

“Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”

"Told in a restrained but highly effective style, reminiscent of Kazuo Ishiguro’s brilliantly understated bestseller "Never Let Me Go", "Cult Child" provides frightening insights into the methods and after-effects of religious coercion. Her fortress is no bigger than the space between her ears; but through quiet internal resistance, Sila halts her opponents and outlasts their … Continue reading “Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”