Discussion Encouraged

You can give aMillion pieces of your heart.You can listen and support,Share openly; be told"Discussion encouraged",But nothing insures loyalty. Today, I learned thatFor the final time. Rarely do people's actionsMatch their words.There will be no moreNewness walking in this door.My wariness grows stronger. I will ever remain the watcher,


There's a faded line Between reality and time I Catch myself remembering rejection Straddling a log fence watching Them play and laugh and shout Odd girl out Too loud I used to be an expert at stilts Stride the mud like a queen I could do anything If I just believed but I never prayed hard enough to Make God real and It would be a version of Drop Dead Fred who Emerged the memories in my head Read more...

Solitary Respite

There are those for whomThe night opens up her armsEmbracing sadnessIn the singing wind charms For me she is closing Closing the spacesI once sharedClosing the trustI once spared She speaks of onenessNow I know there isNo such conceptWhere once I believedI was emphatically deceived I am not oneWith the envy of the blackI am … Continue reading Solitary Respite

The Soft Bloom Of A Dying Pinwheel

She was broken silverUnwound and unraveledShe followed the shadowsOf ungranted wishes Wind comesLeaving half tornRemnants of colorA pinwheel once movedBy breath Sometimes deathBecomes a beautiful lifeLifting her to the other sideWhere madness turnsTo twisted smiles I watch her worryShe is churningThe what if'sThe angerThe freedom from chains Bound by rabid gustsShe pushes through the dustHeaving … Continue reading The Soft Bloom Of A Dying Pinwheel


So much to say,Once held backBy attacks IRetrace my tracksAs silently theyWatch and wait. It won't dissipate.Fear is an illusion.I invite these intrusionsTo include truthEven if it hurts you. Surgery is painfulTo the human skin.Ignoring the woundWe can rot from within,Until we travelInto the coreWhere the bruisesFeel sore;Where it smartsIn the center of the heart. … Continue reading Kaleidoscope

The Mermaid

They said theyFound her drownedBelow the galleyShe hadTried toScratch her wayBack to sea And when they say"Drowning"They mean"Breathing" They say sheWas homesickFor the quietThe way the waterMoved things slowThe way the starfishDanced in the jellyfish glow She couldn't floatIn this human worldOf capture andLack of concernShe could neither bearThe way they hurtNor wear the scarsOf … Continue reading The Mermaid

“Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”

"Told in a restrained but highly effective style, reminiscent of Kazuo Ishiguro’s brilliantly understated bestseller "Never Let Me Go", "Cult Child" provides frightening insights into the methods and after-effects of religious coercion. Her fortress is no bigger than the space between her ears; but through quiet internal resistance, Sila halts her opponents and outlasts their … Continue reading “Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”