I Am

I am a poetess a prowess, a lioness ripping through emotions a shark in an ocean of sadness and incapable expression. I am your words, unspoken and unheard, representative of pain revealing what you restrain, heart broken and torn, cries of the unborn. I am a servant echoes of the quiet haunt moving ghosts in … Continue reading I Am

The Woven Sea

The rain is folding in waves against the windows. I close my eyes into moments of lull. In the intricate weaving of life, a flow emerges. Remain steady. Stand ready. I am swaying on cusps, seeing into futures, and I delight at the hope before me. This choice I have been given, to live a … Continue reading The Woven Sea


So much to say,Once held backBy attacks IRetrace my tracksAs silently theyWatch and wait. It won't dissipate.Fear is an illusion.I invite these intrusionsTo include truthEven if it hurts you. Surgery is painfulTo the human skin.Ignoring the woundWe can rot from within,Until we travelInto the coreWhere the bruisesFeel sore;Where it smartsIn the center of the heart. … Continue reading Kaleidoscope

“Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”

"Told in a restrained but highly effective style, reminiscent of Kazuo Ishiguro’s brilliantly understated bestseller "Never Let Me Go", "Cult Child" provides frightening insights into the methods and after-effects of religious coercion. Her fortress is no bigger than the space between her ears; but through quiet internal resistance, Sila halts her opponents and outlasts their … Continue reading “Victim Speaks Out, While Cult Leader Awaits Trial”

In the Silence

There are pathways, an intimate grid, leading to boulevards with dimly lit gas lamps because the history that we share goes beyond the times of the now. There are blue aching planets waiting in line behind this one, and if I blink, I might miss you, gazing at me. You thought I didn't notice. Like … Continue reading In the Silence

What Is This Place?

What is this space, This place, This girl I see Looking back at me Buried in the aftermath A hovel of human rubble? I am the past In the now, And I don't know how To make phrases Out of unseen faces Or words out of Voices unheard. I grip screaming in my belly. There's … Continue reading What Is This Place?

At Home

I crash like waves standing here silent on the edge of a sea of soulless eyes. I dive down into the depths of their truth, the lies their lives so adamantly display, as if adoration brings validation, as if admiration is acceptance. I dangle my legs on cliffs drifting into the apathy running rampant a … Continue reading At Home