What Is This Place?

What is this space,
This place,
This girl I see
Looking back at me
Buried in the aftermath
A hovel of human rubble?

I am the past
In the now,
And I don’t know how
To make phrases
Out of unseen faces
Or words out of
Voices unheard.

I grip screaming in my belly.
There’s been a
Hell put on me,
And it isn’t written
On frail paper
In black ink
By pink skinned kings.


It is a reality
Punching my skin
From a cave
Within my being,
So translucent, so thin
It requires science
To sort through the evidence.

The fluctuating strength
Floats on my lips
In smiles that
Leave strangers
Wanting a glimpse
Into a mystery
They perceive
Until they peer the darkness
Where the scars live
Then scamper like thieves
Pocketing pieces of me.

A glance inside my caves
Walls of Hieroglyphics
Pictures of mystics
Burned at the stake,
Memories of my forsaken
Carved in scripted lines
The lies, the invasions,
Tombs filled with
What was taken.

Before this midnight bell
Tolls its passive gong
To the throngs who bow
In the hopes their devotion
Will ease their heavy load,
As they leave a
Portion for the dying
There will be an absolution
Presented as confusion,
And I am fully
Aware of this fusion.

Light and Dark
Have always fought
To be apart
A split heart soaked
With bloody teardrops,
Because the weeping
Won’t stop.

In this dance of understand
When energy is abandoned
For the loss of hope,
There’s no satisfaction as
I nurse the rabid tears
Dripping from my chin,
An indication
I’m feeling it all again.

But that is my journey
To take or forsake
And I can’t pause to wait.
The sky beings are here
Beckoning me to
Walk forward
Absent of fear.

© venniekocsis.com

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