What does it feel likeTo be a ghost shunned;A soul un-grieved,Un-missed and unforgiven? In the hovering bowelsOf mysticism where theCynics hang their hats,She waits to beAcknowledged. In these times thereIs a satisfaction in thisInter-dimensional reaction;When spirit feels the wishingJust like we didWhen we were littleAnd hurting. "You are undeserving." I see her thereWeeping. She isRepeating … Continue reading Un-Acknowledged

Save It

Save the idle banterAnd the petty, senseless chatterFor the next innocent victimsOf your self created disaster. Save the sad, sad storiesAnd the sudden change of tuneFor the tide that brings the drowningWhen it all decapitates you. Save it for the othersWho love to gasp and smotherIn the drama and the strifeOf petty, purposeless lives. Save … Continue reading Save It

Collateral Damage Station

I'm on the outsidebright colorpeacock spreadingI own my street,a path forced discreetby tainted company I'm on the insidewhere children weepand we speakthis language ofnaivety, conversations brief know what it's liketo be the weird oneso, pretty stays silent She'll only be assumed Life consumes herleather bound pagesto be passed onto sonsthere are chosen onesholding secrets governmental … Continue reading Collateral Damage Station


You stand there in yourWhite smock,Arms crossed over the chest,Same smile fifteen years later. I wonder who you are anymoreAs your voice echoesDismissive screamsDisguised as suggestionsFor my wailing. "Hop a bus to the Harbor,"You say"Over a bridge.Live a littleBut just in case you can't..." Medicate I stand small in my boots,A dandelion inside of weedsSmashed … Continue reading Anesthetize

I Don’t Wanna

No, I don't wanna Go places where I Have to stand in lines or Have dinner at the same time Every night or Be inside crowds; Places too loud Where the chatter Becomes chaos. Give me stages Where I can Engage and explain, Sing a refrain, Feel the purpose Of the collective Soaking in my … Continue reading I Don’t Wanna