At Home

I crash like waves
standing here silent
on the edge of a
sea of soulless eyes.

I dive down into
the depths of their truth,
the lies their lives
so adamantly display,
as if
adoration brings validation,
as if
admiration is acceptance.

I dangle my legs on cliffs
drifting into
the apathy running rampant
a disease bringing
children to grave stones,
and you can’t find home
when you don’t even
know you are one.

I am weathered rock
formed by a million tear drops
where lame jokes cloak anguish
and humans are always
looking for something to gain;
existing isn’t enough
breathing in oxygen
doesn’t satiate the pain.

I am tired lines
washed away by the tide
leftover remnants
of children with sticks
making sand castles
never reaching high enough
to touch the blue sky.

And when I cry
the spirits weep,
sirens sing from the deep
echoing harmonies
to one day make it stop,
the excessive chatter
and egotistical banter
like education is knowledge
and experiences don’t matter.

When you have
walked in these shoes,
held the rocks digging deep
into the soft skin
of your arch;

Until you
have felt my heart,
you couldn’t know
these coral reefs are
filled with guidelines
that lead to a time before
the piranhas
picked my bones
and stole me from
the only place I feel at home.

copyright 2014 @ Vennie Kocsis

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