The Plane Crash

I am taking care of a baby. It is tiny, maybe 3/4 weeks old. I am feeding it in a hotel room. There is a friend with me, but I can’t make her out. I feel she is someone I know, but not sure exactly who. We are laughing and enjoying how beautiful the baby is as we gaze out of the window at the scenery.

The scenery from the window is stunning mountain ranges and perfectly blue skies. The room is comfortable and the bedding is all crumpled up on the bed. There is a sense that we don’t care. We’re just free inside of this room, taking care of someone’s baby. It seems to be my brother’s baby, but I don’t know who the mother is.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a small, twin engine type plane is coming towards the window and we are in immediate panic, scrambling to try and figure out what to do. We grab the baby, wrap it fully inside of a blanket and hit the floor with the baby sheltered beneath us.

The plane flies into the window, shattering glass all over the our bodies and it continues on through the hotel room, crashing on the other side as the water sprinklers go off, sounds of people screaming and my friend and I trying to figure out what to do next. We do not know if the walk way has fallen through or if we are able to get out of the room. There is no smoke yet or indication of fire. We are stunned with shattered glass everywhere.

and then… I wake up, off kilter, a sense of doom, lump in my throat, no fear… just a feeling of sadness and misunderstanding

Edit: more emerged throughout the day 

A deeper feeling of doom; images of cuts on my body from the glass as it has shattered.  It is upstairs in my house, but the room is a hotel room, so the whole side of it is thick glass.  It is many floors up.   The sound of the people on the other side of the hallway as the plane crashes further in, knowing it is a small plane so the damage isn’t major, but in a direct path to its crash. Yet the damage is brutal as it continues to crash.  A sense of still needing to get out, get the baby out, awakened before there was a plan or having assessed the damage of the direct hit.  

a lot coming up here, and I am processing, writing it out, documenting it.  these are my dreams. how I feel them.  how I see them when they do come.    

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