“We Are Your Revelation”

Sexual abuse, trauma;
Leaves physical scars
Too deep to ever leave.
They etch into the skin
A constant reminder
Of being a victim.

Torn tendons in groins.
Cracked backs,
Hips askew and brains
Wracked from pain,
From the blows you threw,
Sadistic things who,
Found their way to earth,
Soon returning to the dirt
Where they belong,
Fodder for worms,
Leaving behind aftermath
That the apathetic
Want to forget.

We will never let you.
We will be in your mind
With every breath.
We will haunt you into
Your death, and through
All Dimensional darkness
Where you will live.

No, we will never, ever,
let you forget.

We have written books,
Manuals, scrolls that
Your wicked kind can
Never erase. We have
Etched the faces of every
Abuser into the infinite
Portal of history’s data base.

You will always be
Children of rapists,
Sisters to abusers,
Liars and decrepit
Black widows crawling
from low level energies
Slowly melting into nothing.

Our children will
Dance on your graves to
Remind your descendants,
From whence they came.
They will never be safe
From the truth of your abuse.
Your false stories will
Never outweigh the truth.

I let myself hate you.
It’s what you deserve,
Because you had a choice
To make it right,
And you fucked up bad.
You just don’t know yet.
Shoulda kept quiet,
But your eagerness
Left revelations for briefs,
Documents and bullets.

I know how you live.
Every day a thought arrives,
And you pray to justify,
Why children died, and
You stayed quiet.
Innocence was raped,
And you looked away.

You are fodder for every
Curse I set in motion,
And when your final
Few years arrive you
Will beg your god to die.
You will suffer long.
You will suffer slow.
That’s how you’ll go.

See, you don’t know
The power of the Rede,
With your false god
And your head in the fog.
You think you’re a spider,
Bitch, I’m a hawk.

There will never be
A time you’re prepared.
Like lions, we wait
Quietly in our lairs,
Because time is precious
And when we do
Make our move it will
Be with perfect precision.
No mistakes. No hesitation.
We are your Revelation.

𝒱𝑒𝓃𝓃𝒾𝑒 𝒦𝑜𝒸𝓈𝒾𝓈

art by: Vennie Kocsis 

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