I Am

I am a poetess
a prowess, a lioness
ripping through emotions
a shark in an ocean 
of sadness and incapable

I am your words,
unspoken and unheard,
representative of pain
revealing what you restrain,
heart broken and torn,
cries of the unborn.

I am a servant
echoes of the quiet haunt
moving ghosts in the wind
beginning when you long to end
the truth that can't pretend.

I am a woman
writing sins upon the sand
moved and expressive
accepting my lessons.

I am your calm
protector from the harm
enveloping arms, held to my chest
acceptance and forgiveness,
healer of your sickness.

I am you
familiar to your hues,
many colors become our sunset,
locking eyes lest we forget
love we whispered into our ears;
and if you were here,
i would kiss your tears.

circa: 2004

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