Shattered into
A host of ghosts
I never saw a demon
Save in the memories
Of my screaming

And days aren’t
All fucking pretty
Just because I’m not
Lamenting the ache
That sometimes
In my core

There’s so much
Left to tell
And I’m in fractals
Sorting out faces
In the spaces
Gone black

The caves
With a hundred eyes
Looking back
Waiting to
Feed the fear
Mock the tears
Then disappear

Dark matter

That’s what you did
Split from my ribs
To the tip of my soul
The one you
Tried to steal
And fragmented

Like existence
Is to be sacrificed
Particles sliced
Into an innocent face
Who trusted you
To keep her safe

What words
Were implanted
To whisper in
Later years
Like terms of
Groomed me
For the feed

I know your deeds
Those little seeds
Planted in my psyche
You can’t fool me

I planned this trip
And you wanna kill me
Before I find it?

I’m sorting
The puzzle pieces
Without a box top
To reference
The whole

I’m up for
The challenge
I’m prime for the hunt
Ready or not
Here I come

You shattered me
Programmed the
Wicked speech
And they’re still
Staring back at me


Waiting to
Tell the truth on you
And what will you do
When the screen
Starts to clearly play
All the images
You hope will
Just go away?

No longer afraid
I silently wait


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