and that was
the day she stopped speaking
out of the blue
without warning

and the silence
hit the rooms like tunnels
occasional echoes of laughter
held only in memories

no songs

just silence

just a long, accepting
breath that understood
how very few were
really listening
not with ears
but with heart

and so she bathed
in the rapt absence
of her own voice
ringing melodic
angel choirs
in the corridors of
her mind

and she became
one with herself
because in the silence
so much is heard

Vennie Kocsis

2 thoughts on “Rapt

  1. When was this “that day”? Sorry but I am new to your blog. I saw your remarkable taped-mouth photo at Another Hope Entirely and your comment and had to take a look at once.. And how long were you silent? I am having a hard time now, though few on my own WagBlog know it. It has been more than 6 weeks since I spoke…I am NOT young by any means. I do not know that I accept my silence either but don’t know how to find my voice again. How did you? Did you? (Your bio says you are a singer, right? I love to sing and miss it but somehow cannot, not even alone…) I don’t know what to do, and feel that somehow this is my fault…that I should, could, would speak if I were a better person. You can always contact me at pamwagg at yahoo dot com if you prefer to “talk” privately rather than publicly. But I surely understand if you don’t do that sort of thing. Best wishes in any event. Pam Wagner

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    1. You know, Pam, this poem was metaphoric for me because at the time I wrote it I was surrounded by people who really were not listen. So i just… Stopped talking. I found my inner voice. Days are not perfect. I dont always skip through the flower fields but if i can say one thing that helps more than anything is Gratitude. Because i am truly thankful to even be alive.

      Writing, poetry, music – i would have probably found a way to depart the planet if I didnt have a way to purge it. Its impossible to carry all this alone.

      I hope you find your voice, whether it be art or writing or music, i hope that you do find the language of your soul, and those who are lucky to get to understand it.


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