The Outhouse and a Sears Magazine

When I was a child growing up on Sam Fife's cult compound in Alaska, we did not have electricity or plumbing. As a result, we used the bathroom in chamber pots and outhouses. We also did not have toilet paper. Our toilet paper was often a Sears magazine with anything that wasn't "proper" for us … Continue reading The Outhouse and a Sears Magazine


Shattered intoA host of ghostsI never saw a demonSave in the memoriesOf my screaming And days aren'tAll fucking prettyJust because I'm notLamenting the acheThat sometimesSettlesIn my core There's so muchLeft to tellAnd I'm in fractalsSorting out facesIn the spacesGone black The cavesWith a hundred eyesLooking backWaiting toFeed the fearMock the tearsThen disappear ShatteredScatteredDark matter That's … Continue reading Shattered