Save It

Save the idle banterAnd the petty, senseless chatterFor the next innocent victimsOf your self created disaster. Save the sad, sad storiesAnd the sudden change of tuneFor the tide that brings the drowningWhen it all decapitates you. Save it for the othersWho love to gasp and smotherIn the drama and the strifeOf petty, purposeless lives. Save … Continue reading Save It

Collateral Damage Station

I'm on the outsidebright colorpeacock spreadingI own my street,a path forced discreetby tainted company I'm on the insidewhere children weepand we speakthis language ofnaivety, conversations brief know what it's liketo be the weird oneso, pretty stays silent She'll only be assumed Life consumes herleather bound pagesto be passed onto sonsthere are chosen onesholding secrets governmental … Continue reading Collateral Damage Station

Wicked Jinn

This is not easy, watching her run from the demons. The hold is strong.  He is wicked jinn. She is blindly submissive; a bit cunning, enjoying the games. They're dangerous, babe. My lids are heavy.  My brain churns thoughts.  I run for home, spooning with dog.  Exhaustion.  I am aggressive and stalwart.   She said … Continue reading Wicked Jinn

Solitary Respite

There are those for whomThe night opens up her armsEmbracing sadnessIn the singing wind charms For me she is closing Closing the spacesI once sharedClosing the trustI once spared She speaks of onenessNow I know there isNo such conceptWhere once I believedI was emphatically deceived I am not oneWith the envy of the blackI am … Continue reading Solitary Respite

The Soft Bloom Of A Dying Pinwheel

She was broken silverUnwound and unraveledShe followed the shadowsOf ungranted wishes Wind comesLeaving half tornRemnants of colorA pinwheel once movedBy breath Sometimes deathBecomes a beautiful lifeLifting her to the other sideWhere madness turnsTo twisted smiles I watch her worryShe is churningThe what if'sThe angerThe freedom from chains Bound by rabid gustsShe pushes through the dustHeaving … Continue reading The Soft Bloom Of A Dying Pinwheel


So much to say,Once held backBy attacks IRetrace my tracksAs silently theyWatch and wait. It won't dissipate.Fear is an illusion.I invite these intrusionsTo include truthEven if it hurts you. Surgery is painfulTo the human skin.Ignoring the woundWe can rot from within,Until we travelInto the coreWhere the bruisesFeel sore;Where it smartsIn the center of the heart. … Continue reading Kaleidoscope


You stand there in yourWhite smock,Arms crossed over the chest,Same smile fifteen years later. I wonder who you are anymoreAs your voice echoesDismissive screamsDisguised as suggestionsFor my wailing. "Hop a bus to the Harbor,"You say"Over a bridge.Live a littleBut just in case you can't..." Medicate I stand small in my boots,A dandelion inside of weedsSmashed … Continue reading Anesthetize

Holding Wishes

What is it like To be granted a wish When your first kiss Was laced with bitterness, Taken from a tender lamb, A brutal sheering; As if wool doesn't scratch And skin doesn't bleed? What is it like To live a lie, A life robotic, stoic, Steps broken, Words unspoken, Fake smiles to the others … Continue reading Holding Wishes

The Mermaid

They said theyFound her drownedBelow the galleyShe hadTried toScratch her wayBack to sea And when they say"Drowning"They mean"Breathing" They say sheWas homesickFor the quietThe way the waterMoved things slowThe way the starfishDanced in the jellyfish glow She couldn't floatIn this human worldOf capture andLack of concernShe could neither bearThe way they hurtNor wear the scarsOf … Continue reading The Mermaid