I Am

I am a poetess a prowess, a lioness ripping through emotions a shark in an ocean of sadness and incapable expression. I am your words, unspoken and unheard, representative of pain revealing what you restrain, heart broken and torn, cries of the unborn. I am a servant echoes of the quiet haunt moving ghosts in … Continue reading I Am


After cult life IKnow what it's likeRun across the roadIn the dark nightSteal vegetablesFrom the neighboring farm And it harm noneMama formed the missionHolding her BibleA glory soaked misfit Cold seeped doorwaysOn an old trailerIn lot Number sevenPiling up blanketsSummers fanning heat There was no heavenIn our empty stomachsOr a cruel mother whoStood us in … Continue reading Poverty

A Language

I found a language Only spoken by me Words describing the Truth of what I see The sleeping The weeping Must everything have Definition in this Two dimensional "I have a question Need an answer About the hereafter And what might not be?" No satisfaction In the possibility Of being They sell Tears in bottles … Continue reading A Language