Soul Theft

It happened early Tuesday morning. It has taken me this many days to verbalize it. Describing violent images is not an easy task. You see, the heart beats faster and faster. The head gets heavy. Hands shake. You close your eyes into short meditative moments, breathing and counting. Inhale. 1. 2. 3. 4. Exhale. 1. … Continue reading Soul Theft

The Three Black Hats

I am on an air mattress.  It is covered in a cotton sheet.  I am stretched out on my back beneath a soft fleece blanket. I am in the end room of a double wide trailer.  The trailer is nestled in a quiet neighborhood which is dense with trees.  There are no traffic sounds.  I … Continue reading The Three Black Hats


You stand there in your White smock, Arms crossed over the chest, Same smile fifteen years later. I wonder who you are anymore As your voice echoes Dismissive screams Disguised as suggestions For my wailing. "Hop a bus to the Harbor," You say "Over a bridge. Live a little But just in case you can't..." … Continue reading Anesthetize

Sometimes We Hurt People

States of being aren't an excuse. They're just a mere explanation. I don't use mere to minimize them. I use it to not minimize the pain that alter states of being can cause. See, here's the thing about triggers. They create reactions. Immediately. No thinking, just conditioned movement, even if that conditioning is self centered. … Continue reading Sometimes We Hurt People