Marilyn Monroe / Monarch Program Poetry

The Surgeon Story is a text written in poem form by Monroe where she describes being cut open by Lee Strasberg and her psychiatrist Margaret Hohenberg. While some describe this story as Marilyn’s recollection of a nightmare, other researchers claim that it is actually a description of a mind control session.

Best finest surgeon—Strasberg
to cut me open which I don’t mind since Dr. H
has prepared me—given me anaesthetic
and has also diagnosed the case and
agrees with what has to be done—
an operation—to bring myself back to
life and to cure me of this terrible dis-ease
whatever the hell it is—(…)

Strasberg cuts me open after Dr. H gives me
anesthesia and tries in a medical way to comfort me  –
everything in the room is WHITE in fact I can’t even see anyone just white objects –

they cut me open – Strasberg with Hohenberg’s ass.
and there is absolutely nothing there—
Strasberg is
deeply disappointed but more even—
academically amazed
that he had made such a mistake. He
thought there was going
to be so much—more than he had ever
dreamed possible …
instead there was absolutely nothing—
devoid of
every human living feeling thing—
the only thing
that came out was so finely cut sawdust—like out of a raggedy ann doll—and the sawdust
all over the floor & table and Dr. H is
because suddenly she realizes that this is a
new type case. The patient … existing
of complete emptiness
Strasberg’s dreams & hopes for theater
are fallen.
Dr. H’s dreams and hopes for a permanent
psychiatric cure
is given up—Arthur is disappointed—
let down.

In this odd and disturbing story, Monroe describes being drugged and cut open by her psychiatrists. She writes that she “didn’t mind the operation” because she was “prepared”. Was she dissociating? There is also mention of her seeing “only white” which might refer to sensory deprivation – a method used in MK Ultra programming.

Once cut open, the doctors only found “finely cut sawdust” inside of her “like out of a raggedy ann doll”. These are the typical words of an MK slave who have completely lost touch with their true core personality. Marilyn perceives herself as an “empty” doll.

According to Jason Kennedy, a member of Marilyn’s family, the Surgeon’s Story describes Mind Control techniques such as sensory deprivation and the administration of dissociative anesthetic drugs.


15 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe / Monarch Program Poetry

  1. Makes sense. Knowing she had endometriosis and couldnt get pregnant due to it I read it as being about that, but of course officiall diagnosis and procedure can be used to mask horrible things or turned into mk-situations. I feel so sad for her, for all that they put her through… And then modeling every new starlet to look like her in at least one major photoshoot…is so evil…to M…to them…

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    1. She also had information about extraterrestrials and an encounter with her female friend as well. There is also a perspective that JFK was murdered for his involvement in extraterrestrial disclosure. Ah, so many layers to peel back in these stories.

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      1. I guess that how they designed it, so it would be really hard for us to get the whole picture. Also, so much disinformation going around and hard to know which sources to trust and what is set up to confuse us further…
        Have you looked anymore in to what connections the horrible abuse you guys had to endure migth have to mk and such? I know I read something about it, but have you considered digging more?
        Thank you so much for your blog, I learn so much from you about life, love, struggle, family, politics etc.

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            1. Thank you. I always appreciate when people understand these government black ops programs and how they work – they are literally infiltrated into our society on so many levels. But we’re gonna peel their onion and let it soak up the rot. 💖👽💖

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              1. Agreed. I just wish there was more information and survivors talking in sweden. I can find no blogs, no fb-pages, no nothing on sra/ra/mk/other black ops written from a swedish perspective. Of course there are swedes writing about it, but the focus is always the US and are second hand sources. Swedish intelligence services have always been very US friendly and the cult abuse stuff is global so I know it must be happening, but I cant find anything online to read :/ 💜


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