I Don’t Wanna

No, I don’t wanna
Go places where I
Have to stand in lines or
Have dinner at the same time
Every night or
Be inside crowds;
Places too loud
Where the chatter
Becomes chaos.

Give me stages
Where I can
Engage and explain,
Sing a refrain,
Feel the purpose
Of the collective
Soaking in my directive.

No, I don’t wanna
Walk through shopping malls
Or office building halls;
Stand under fluorescent lighting or
Listen to the sounds
Of people fighting;
Deviant intent
Or any other trigger.

Give me quiet,
Soft hugs and laughter,
Feeling the trees;
The wind in their leaves.
Give me the access
To understanding
From those who
Believe that to give
Is sweeter than
To receive,

No, I don’t wanna,
And sometimes
That’s just how things are.


About Vennie Kocsishttps://venniekocsis.wordpress.comI am the author of "Cult Child", a memoir detailing my abusive childhood growing up in Sam Fife's Move of God cult. I am a poet, artist, advocate and pedophile hunter. If you understand these words, you understand my experience. MILAB EMPATH HYBRID HAARP POKERFLATS

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