Reaping Ufology

This article is part of a series of investigations into cultic dynamics in fringe groups.

The History of Internet Reapers

On mIRC, a self-moderated, unmonitored, DOS-based internet relay chat network, I became a member of an online Reaper team for the very first time in the year 1999. I met a Reaper in a chat room that I joined where we talked about putting an end to the abuse of children. I couldn’t wait to get started on their project. A journey through the depths of the dark web is what one can expect from this experience

What our group found as we infiltrated this social media platform would make the average person’s head spin. Places where snuff films can be traded. Pedophile rooms shared by mothers and sons, father/daughter, mother/daughter, father/son, group family pedophile offerings, extremely dark torture level BDSM groups; cultic groups related to the paranormal, but not in a positive way, in a predatory manner, dark covens; psychologically disturbed people who had traded their souls for sick levels of momentary and egoistic gratification.

One memorable case is a young lady who started a relationship with a male from a violence and kink group. She almost passed away when they first met, because he had her zipped into a vinyl body bag that had no air in it. Fortunately for her, he let her go. She had blacked out on multiple occasions during the episode from lack of oxygen. In the early 2000’s there was not much available in the way of counseling, which further compounded her severe state of trauma from the incident. 

There was also a significant amount of blame and shame directed toward the victims. What possessed her to become involved? Why did she put her faith in him? You can learn more about the harms of Victim Blaming here. “The impact of power and powerlessness on blaming the victim” by Claire R. Gravelin, Monica Bierna, and Matthew Baldwin

Together, we were successful in having that perpetrator taken into custody. Trying to get police to care about certain internet crimes was not an easy task. As a group of Reapers we spent nights on line mapping out our plans of action. Strategy and communication were required for this. We were unable to take screen shots. We did not have mobile phones. 

Because of the nature of these rooms, members often had to be vetted. Infiltration was a slow process, as we worked our way into these communities by getting to know individuals. We created personas which fit the grain of the community. We were trained in the conversational linguistics of these communities. It took time and patience. 

These investigations were treated with the seriousness they deserved, and we reported on them. There were times when we were unsure of the outcome. We also collaborated with hackers, who devised strategies, used coding to seize control of the rooms, and then shut them down. One had to refine the skill of separating emotion from the task in order to process the vile and psychopathic nature of some conversations.

Reapers are people who go undercover in communities. For example, this organization, The Wolf Project, is currently hiring Reapers. This is their recruitment video. 

Recruiting Reapers

David Sullivan, a private investigator based in San Francisco, California, became a well-known Reaper for his work as an undercover agent within secret societies. He investigated members of the Scientology religion as well as those of the Unification Church, also known as “Moonies.” Nathaniel Rich, a journalist for Harper’s Bizarre, published an in-depth article about in 2013 under the title “The Man Who Saves You From Yourself: Going undercover with a cult infiltrator.”

Reapers focus on completing the task at hand. They are not in the business of forming personal relationships with people. They don’t care whether people like them. They bring criminals and grifters to light. There are countless numbers of Reapers on the internet, and many of them are publicly exposing the dishonest and perverted mentalities of people who search the internet for victims. 

Children’s safety has been preserved thanks to the efforts of Reapers. They have put a stop to the recruitment efforts in cults. Every day, reapers help save the lives of others. You will never know if the person you are getting to know online is a Reaper, so it’s best to remain ethical. 

Observers, analysts, and documenters are Reapers. Reapers are allowed to enter the arenas in which predators crawl in search of prey. People who engage in deceptive behavior in the virtual world of social communities adopt a variety of personas and have a wide range of goals. Some people do it for financial gain. Others for the sake of fame. Others participate in community life while maintaining a mental health status that is unstable.

The Case of Christopher Gray

The example of Christopher Gray and his connections within UFOTwitter demonstrates that communities have the potential to degenerate into violent environments. Christopher Gray was well-liked and respected by many influential members of the UFOTwitter community, to which he had devoted a significant amount of his time and efforts. As a result, Christopher Gray was a valued member of that community, as evidenced in his Twitter accounts, which boast many deleted replies to his threads as individuals worked overtime to separate their connection from him. Christopher Gray was mentally distressed in the days leading up to the attack on his father, resulting in 110 stab wounds. Members of the UFOTwitter community were aware of his waning mental health condition

Gray’s Twitter Accounts




What particularly stood out in the reporting of this heinous murder, which was also filmed and sent to dozens of members of UFOTwitter, was the statement made by the Advocate Depute (A member of the Scottish Bar appointed by Her Majesty’s Advocate to prosecute criminal cases) who stated, “A further message containing references to similar matters was posted on his Twitter account 10 minutes later.The message contained several links to other people’s Twitter accounts, some of which belonged to extremely well-known individuals.

What kind of message was this, and what did it have to say? Who exactly were the people who received it? As I proceeded with my investigation, I came into possession of the email message, which included an unsettling recorded phone call as an attachment. More on this topic later as I uncover additional connections.

This murder is not the focus of my investigation; rather, it is about the people who are having an influence on impressionable minds, who those people are, and their responsibility to the communities they choose to enter.

Vennie Kocsis

Moran Lerner

Several months ago, it was brought to my attention that there was a user on Twitter by the name of Moran Lerner who followed the same people that I did. This person was brought to my attention by a follower on Twitter who we both have in common. After reading some of his previous contributions to the ufology conversation, I made the decision to give more consideration to what he had to say. My interest was piqued by the variety of subjects, and the content of the tech subjects, that he discussed. 

I inched my way closer to Lerner, taking baby steps. Individuals who are members of certain communities are highly perceptive and intuitive. They will only let others get close to them if it is directly related to the task at hand. Because of this, I concluded that it would be beneficial for me to join a Twitter message group Lerner managed that focused on plasma. This is a topic that I have been investigating for some time, primarily within the genomics department. I was able to engage in conversation, gain knowledge, and, most importantly, watch and listen. There were some extremely intelligent people in the group, such as Joel, who talked about a variety of plasma technologies, plasma energy, and topic-based discussions. Articles and studies were exchanged. There was no small talk. 

After a while I initiated a private conversation with Lerner that centered on genomics and plasma research. Since we were knowledgeable on the subject, the conversation was enlightening and refreshing for me because it allowed me to talk to someone who was familiar with plasma and the technologies that surround it. 

I was curious as to whether he was using LinkedIn, so I decided to ask him about it. After he agreed to our terms, we were finally able to get in touch with each other there. Lerner’s LinkedIn profile offered a more in-depth look at who he is, thanks to the information that was included in it.

I dug into Lerner’s LinkedIn posts. I researched his business history. I found that he had worked on a variety of projects all centered on technological advancement. As part of one of these projects, he developed technology for a novel and innovative water distribution system. Gaining access to Lerner’s LinkedIn allowed me to validate him.

I was approved to join a private tech-oriented LinkedIn group that Lerner was a member of. I discovered him actively engaged in conversation with other members of the group. I dug into the group’s posting history. A good number of them knew one another and Lerner on a more personal level and they had worked together on tech projects in the past.

I wondered why a man who didn’t appear to have any interest in ufology whatsoever would take part in a community like UFOTwitter.

Then one day Lerner published the following statement on his Twitter timeline.

Soon after Lerner’s post above, a blog post, written in the style of a Scientology cult hit piece against a defector, appeared on UFOTwitter, and it quickly spread throughout the ufology community. I read the article with the goal of gaining some understanding from it. I did so while keeping in mind both the legal and critical perspective that I bring to examining potential evidence. The blog post described a number of Twitter based accounts that the blog author, Bradley Johansson, believed belonged to Lerner. The blog included screen shots of the accounts the author alleged belonged to Lerner. The blog post was generally unclear, and the connections between the accounts were inconsistent and lacked substantial information.

It struck me as odd that the people who run the community calling itself The Invisible Night School, made the choice to host Johansson’s blog post on their official organization website. I was curious as to why these people didn’t conduct any kind of real investigation behind the blog before publishing a post that was ambiguous and made no logical sense other than to serve as an apparent distraction strategy. Why would people like LeahPrime and Nick Coffin, The Invisible Night School‘s main players, want to involve themselves so deeply in silencing Lerner? What was in it for them? Why were they “honored” to host a hit piece?

The individuals who were leaving comments on Johansson’s blog also piqued my interest because each of them appeared to possess some access to top secret information, or so they said. I was more interested in learning the rationale behind why the hit piece was written, than in the actual piece itself. 

There was a lot of loyalty being shown by personality, and none of the supporters were looking for facts. It was an illusion of gathering account names, mixing it up with word salad, and creating a loose narrative while leaving pieces out. 

The argument was based on inconsequential details, such as an alleged account’s use of the European spelling of “Defence” with a “c” rather than the American spelling of “Defense” with an “s,” as though this proved Lerner, a European, was behind these accounts. The piece was superficial. I was born in the United States. I spell theater “theatre,” which is a European version. The blog was grasping at straws. 

I had seen public posts from Lerner in which he criticized some of the same people who were promoting Johansson’s blog, so the attack that Scientology launched against Leah Remini immediately came to mind.

Leah Remini was filming a documentary series about the cult under the working title “Scientology: the Aftermath.” The name of the series was leaked to Scientology while she was in the process of filming. The Scientology organization bought and filled it with unflattering photos and vicious commentary in an attempt to discredit her before her show released to the public. 

Remini, in regular fashion, was not intimidated by Scientology, and her show was a success. As a result she was successful in stopping a significant number of individuals from joining the Scientology cult. 

After rereading the confusing write-up that Johansson and his cohorts had written, I was determined to find out more. It is apparent that the intent of the blog is to disparage Lerner’s character in a manner similar to what Scientology tried to do to Leah. 

I wanted to know what information was lacking and put the pieces of the puzzle together. The few times that Lerner and I had spoken on a personal level, we had a cordial and respectful conversation. I started off by asking him some straightforward questions.

Lerner relayed a story about an invitation he had received to a location in the heart of London, where a group of Reapers had gathered together to receive directives for their missions. They were told and shown that there were groups of people hailing from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Canada who were victimizing people. The Reapers were given information in the form of a presentation about vulnerable individuals and groups across a variety of social media platforms. 

They were also given information about individuals who were involved in activities such as the manipulation or recruitment of people on behalf of a small group of more prominent figures operating within ufology. Some of the people doing the recruiting believed they were doing the divine work for higher powers and that they had been called to do so. Others were taking advantage of vulnerable people in the hopes of gaining favor with those in positions of authority. They also hoped to be invited into some kind of inner circle involving high level government players. 

There were people with top level research skills inside ufology and the paranormal. Some of the skills that have been demonstrated are the kinds of skills that one would anticipate from people who have some kind of background in cyber intelligence and electronic warfare. 

They would train others on how to conduct collateral research on individuals. They all worked together to manipulate and intimidate vulnerable people. Targets were those who openly opposed the ideologies and narratives of the community, refused to comply with their demands, or simply walked away. Some of the targets were supposed to be “taken down” by any means possible, and the higher the social status of a target, the more people in this group would work together to go after them.

Targets were outed, doxed, or had personal information about them disseminated online for the purpose of publicly humiliating and discrediting them in the eyes of the public. Many were simply intimidated through online harassment and abuse. The tactical targeting behavior directly led to six people taking their own lives over the course of the preceding three years. 

After reviewing a significant portion of the evidence, I was able to arrange a meeting with Moran and a person who had been harmed psychologically by one subfield of ufology that is known for being destructive. The meeting took place via Zoom. I took a seat and proceeded to scroll through additional evidence. I began to delve even further into my investigation after compiling pages of notes connecting the various players involved.


CHRIS BLEDSOE, the Predator Prophet

My initial attention was drawn to a person by the name of Chris Bledsoe. While Bledsoe has told his story over the years in shows such as “UFOs Over Earth” in 2008, a show involving a ufo research organization, MUFON. There was an increase in activity on social media putting Bledsoe in the spotlight and gaining him more followers. He was telling his stories alongside the many government agents ramping up on the platform during the more recent years. 

Bledsoe’s connections with several prominent figures in the field of ufology were revealed in a post made on Twitter by a user named Mark.

According to Mark, even copying in some of the players, Chris Bledsoe met Tim Taylor through a ufology author and researcher, Grant Cameron, who has Hollywood connections. In turn, Chris Bledsoe introduced Travis Taylor to Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, an author and religious studies professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

It also interested me that Mark aka hackthesim was credited by Johansson as providing disinformation for Johansson’s hit piece against Lerner. Johansson ends his blog post with the following credit:

Mark aka hackthesim, appears to be another devoted disciple of Chris Bledsoe and also seemed to need credit for his work in “helping take down” Lerner.

“He should actually be thanking me for helping take down his nemesis Moran Lerner.”

Mark aka hackthesim

Meanwhile, Johansson still attempted to claim that Jonathan Davies had nothing to do with the hit piece against Lerner or have any ties to the Bledsoe cult. Johansson used well known linguistic tactics, such as purposely mentioning he has a new baby, hoping to portray a softer reaction from the reader through sympathy. 

As a new father Johansson would be best to focus on his family, instead of working for a cult to disparage a Reaper who was revealing the cult’s deviant behavior, predatory dynamic and preventing harm on unwitting victims. 

Yet, Johansson was blatantly lying about his connection with Davies as here he openly acknowledges Davies assistance in helping to write a disparaging hit piece in an attempt to discredit Lerner. 

Johansson states to Davies, “Your knowledge of this was helpful to confirm Moran’s deception…”

A number of other Twitter characters, such as Robert Sheridan, became involved in the effort to smear Lerner’s reputation online. Sheridan, on the other hand, had initiated contact with Lerner through a public Twitter thread, and when Lerner moved the conversation into a private message, Sheridan asked Lerner, if he would go on Ross Coulthart’s show to discuss war games. 

Sheridan claimed he respected Lerner’s position immediately after Lerner declined the interview invitation, but then he blocked Lerner and started speaking negatively about him, demonstrating how members of cults will immediately turn on someone when they don’t get what they want from them. Lerner declined to participate in the interview. Now, all of a sudden, Sheridan claimed that Coulthart conducted an investigation into Lerner. Coulthart had no intention of conducting an investigation into Lerner, and our research indicates that he made no effort to do so either. Why did Sheridan flat-out lie in this situation? My interest was piqued further with each new accusation leveled against Lerner.

It was evident that Bledsoe’s connections with high profile individuals in ufology allowed him to heighten the proclamation that he was able to heal people through alien faith healing. So, how did Bledsoe come to have these magical abilities? 

Bledsoe says that when he was going through “his darkest hour,” he was fishing on the Cape Fear River when he prayed to God for help. In his soon-to-be-published book, titled “UFO of God,” he relates the events that transpired during this encounter. However, he asserts that he is missing four hours of time and that they all had to flee for their lives as multiple UFOs chased them home. It is said that he, three of his coworkers, and his son saw a UFO appear and save his life. 

According to what Bledsoe says about his book, “This is the true story of hope, love, lies and deception, involving officials from the U.S. Government, CIA, NASA, DIA, a string of professors, and MUFON,” all of these organizations were involved in the events described in the book.

After that, Bledsoe talks about his spiritual awakening, which he attributes to a visit from a character referred to as “The Lady.” He discusses remote viewing, dripping orbs, a burning tree, and the healing of the son of an elite power broker in Washington, DC who has connections to both the intelligence community and the White House. Bledsoe claims that his family is safe because of the “phenomena” and that it has brought about significant changes in the lives of the people who live in his immediate vicinity.

Bledsoe, in the same manner that the majority of cultic leaders do, asks the general public if they are prepared for “the truth,” and if they are, he encourages them to read his book. After that, he provides the reader with some instructions, telling them that when they have finished reading his book, they should go outside, pray with all of their being, and then look up at the sky for a surprise. He says this because he wants the reader to have a profound experience after finishing his book.

Bledsoe talks with John Alexander here:

Scouring the web for general critique of Bledsoe, I found various views such as this thread which included commentary of Bledsoe’s son, Ryan, who also peddles the message of “The Lady.”

The dark force feeds on your fear is what the lady told my father.”

Ryan Bledsoe

I don’t have all the answers, but all I know is we are being lied to. “The Lady” told my dad in 2012 that a dark group in power will make the book [of] revelations play out in order to force a cataclysm, and also will deceive the world that there is no GOD/Spirit and only aliens.

Ryan Bledsoe

The Lady said she would protect my family and guide us on our path. Many read about her, few see her.

Ryan Bledsoe

My thoughts went back to the email that I had just read, which was sent by the murderer Chris Gray to high-profile individuals such as Eric Davis, Russian TV, Hal Puthoff, Tucker Carlson of FOX News, Nick Pope, George Knapp, Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Kit Green, Tom DeLonge, and many others who were all members of a high-profile emailing network group that included Christopher Gray. 

I went back to the message in the email, which was titled “Satan and the christ / anti christ,” and I continued reading it. I was able to make the connection between Gray’s way of thinking and the message that was being propagated by Bledsoe and the people who supported him.

I, can forgive you all. But the lady is here. She will judge people.

Email excerpt from Christopher Gray, murderer

As I examined the date and time of this email message, I realized that it was sent while Christopher Gray was brutally attacking his father on February 23, 2021. These high profile people were fostering a message that was being absorbed by incredibly disturbed individuals.

Read the email and its recipients in its entirety.

The following phone call was recorded by Christopher Gray as he spoke to his brother, Stew, during the murder. Gray attached it to the above email.

Christopher Gray speaking to his brother Stew as he was murdering their father.

As you can hear, Gray believed himself to have connections with the Pentagon due to his email conversations with the high profile individuals listed in the above emails. Gray also refers to “The Lady” as being his teacher.

I dug further and found others who were pushing the narrative of “The Lady” along with excitement about Bledsoe’s upcoming book which would feature this belief concept.

The actions of a murderer who was obsessed with Bledsoe’s beliefs, as well as the fervent following of those who were connected to him, became more obvious. When I spoke with one of the victims, they told me their harrowing experience. I had the impression that I was getting closer to understanding the motivations behind the hit piece written by Johansson against Lerner, as well as the reasons why the ufology community was working so hard to discredit and silence Lerner.

Before delving into the details of the victim’s experience, it is important to note that there is another player directly involved who served as the intermediary between Bledsoe and the victim. His name is Jonathan Davies.


Jonathan Davies’s name kept popping up in the course of the investigation, I made the decision to acquire additional information regarding him. This was accomplished in part by following his Twitter handle, which is IWANTTOKNOWUK. I was able to locate him on a variety of social media platforms, where he was promoting the Bledsoe beliefs and maintaining close relationships with high-profile individuals who were interested in ufology.

I started to pay attention to what he was posting on his account. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was just another user of UFOTwitter who was claiming that they had insider knowledge and making definitive statements about disclosure without providing any facts or evidence.

I was particularly struck by one piece of evidence. Davies believed that he was one of the “selected” ones. In a message that Davies sent to the victim I spoke with, who will be the next person you will encounter, in this article Davies stated,

So you are [aware] Chris [Bledsoe]has been given a big message to spread and he was told to select others he would need to help spread the message he has selected me this MUST stay between us

Jonathan Davies

As someone who has spent decades researching the mentalities of cult members, I was able to get a good look at the characters of the people involved in this ufology cult. This was written by a man who firmly believed that he was a chosen one, that Bledsoe, the so-called prophet, had the ability to select him, and that the whole thing was kept in the strictest of confidences. This is a symptom of a mentally unhealthy state of mind.

I examined the evidence that was provided by other witnesses who were willing to give statements and screenshots regarding their interactions with Davies. These conversations took place just a few short days after Gray had been arrested for the murder of his father.

My attention was drawn to a screen shot of a message sent by one of the victims, which read as follows:

Chris [Gray] suggested I contact Jon [Davies] about my experience and a photo I had. He said he was good friends with him. He [Gray] got mad at Jon [Davies] for using things he [Gray] shared with him [Davies].

I talked to Jon [Davies]. He thinks CG [Christopher Gray] may have killed others.

Now that I was thinking about it, there was another connection that could be made between Davies and Gray. How exactly did Davies come to know that Gray was to blame for the deaths of other individuals? Witness testimony led me to discover that Gray was a prolific researcher and that he was the person responsible for the majority of the research that Davies presented to some well-known podcast shows in the field of ufology. I came to this conclusion after learning that Gray had been involved in the ufology community for quite some time.

Gray was also responsible for the research that was presented to some of the people who were listed in Gray’s final email. The web of deception is an excellent illustration of a multi-tiered and cultic organization. It made use of odious beliefs, fictitious entities and powers, and showed very little to no concern for the impressionable individuals who would be influenced by the propagation of these nefarious beliefs.


Jonathan Young after listening to a podcast that discussed the murder that was committed by Christopher Gray and seeing a very brief clip of Young in the podcast. Jonathan Young and I had a meeting via Zoom, which was made possible thanks to the assistance of Lerner.

Through their shared involvement in the ufology community, Young and Davies became acquainted. When Young told Davies that his daughter, who was ten years old at the time, was suffering from diabetes that could have led to her death, Davies told Young about Bledsoe’s purported ability to heal.

Young had been in a hopeless situation because his daughter had a potentially life-threatening health issue, and he had spoken with Davies due to the fact that Davies had sold Young the idea that Bledsoe could heal Young’s daughter through the aliens Bledsoe interacted with.

I was sent the conversation screen shots transcribed below:

YOUNG: Hi. I’ve reached out to Ryan B on something you put in my mind regarding the cured cancer friend of yours. I can’t find Chris on here now… Has he gone to ground?

DAVIES: Closed account due to trolls

YOUNG: Ah. Don’t blame him. Nina my step daughter almost went into coma in January and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1. To be honest it’s totally turned her life upside down. She is now on a serious amount of insulin and can’t regulate it very well. Do you think this is something he maybe able to help with?

DAVIES: I’ll ask for you tomorrow. It must be hard but Be strong.

YOUNG: Thank you. Yes we are all coping with it but it would be good to not have to deal with it. Was it me or did you find Ufo Joes statement on his friendship with Eric Davis cringeworthy?

DAVIES: yes lol. BTW sent a message to Chris

YOUNG: great thank you.


DAVIES: Chris has said yes

YOUNG: Amazing!!! Thanks so much…


DAVIES: Will need a piece of clothing a lock of hair and a recent pic. I’ll get you the address, do not tell anyone about this please and if it works or does not please keep it to yourself, we have had trouble before from trolls over this and Chris keeps this very private.

YOUNG: Without saying mate

DAVIES: do not share his address, also put in a note explaining everything and if you want things back some money for return of the items


DAVIES: send to Chris Bledsoe Snr. [address redacted] NC 28306 USA

DAVIES: I won’t tell you when he does anything with them only that he has received them and don’t be anxious he has helped many children of very important people

YOUNG: Thank you

DAVIES: your welcome its not me its Chris I’ll pass on your thanks

YOUNG: Ok you need to know I’m cool and trustworthy lol

DAVIES: I know

YOUNG: Also realistic and sensible Lol catch up in a bit Thanks so much

DAVIES: your welcome lets pray it works

YOUNG: Cool I can do now just on and off calls with work


DAVIES: keep between us – had this from chris “I got Jonathan Young’s daughters belongings. Nina. I took her package outside and sat alone in my chair. I said to the mother that Nina is too young. Would you heal her and protect this child. I am telling you this orb appears 1/2 mile up got very bright. Solid and started down very fast. I thought omg it’s going ot land. It then about 4 or 500 ‘up dims down and stops. It sat there a second and vanished. I looked up above and another one was circling hope this works out for you”

YOUNG: Yes mate its great. Chris has been texting and sent the video of the moment. Thanks for sending that through

DAVIES: excellent

YOUNG: Yeah its great thank you

The cult of personality is the curse of modern communication. Why should we believe that the actor, the entertainer or the sportsperson, the well-born, rich (whether by talent or accident,) or just famous for being famous, have anything original, wise, or philosophical to say? Yet, smitten by celebrity, we hang upon their lips.

Anita Robinson

Soon, Young was communicating directly with Bledsoe as transcribed below:

YOUNG: Hi Chris. Hope all is well. The parcel is on its way to you for Nina (photo of the package attached)

YOUNG: Hello Chris, I hope this message finds you well. I have sent a friend request not that it’s important. But I wanted to say how grateful that I am, My friend (Jon Davis) (Jonathan) , reached out to you on my behalf. We will be sending items in the next few days from the UK. Sending love and light and a great deal of thanks. I am friends with Ryan on Twitter and have done some work on your photos in the past. Thanks again. Jonathan Young

BLEDSOE: Tell me about Nina

YOUNG: Nina was taken down with diabetes type one in January. It was very serious as she was close to coma. It was a shock and we had no idea. She is fit and dances, but now very different. No stability with the blood sugar despite all the correct treatments. The hospital think it’s almost a 3rd strain that’s difficult to manage.

BLEDSOE: How old is Nina

YOUNG: She is 10 will be 11 on October 17. Her pancreas is only now working 25%

BLEDSOE: I am headed out now to lift her up

YOUNG: It will stop working all together possibly this year. She’s sleeping I will have to get AGata to wake her Sorry Uk time

BLEDSOE: Don’t wake her up. I am out staring up to the heavens and praying for your baby. Nina

YOUNG: Ok thank you so much for coming back to me. Both myself and my partner Agata are delighted you have offered to help. Will be in touch soon. Best Regards Jonathan

BLEDSOE: Thank you for the offer Jonathan. I am praying for you tonight. I am asking the lady to send her Angels to surround you and Agat, to heal you and protect you both

BLEDSOE: I have ninas package and am praying now for her. Share this if you would and tell her the Angels are Gathering around her it’s very powerful if she believes

BLEDSOE: so two nights I go out with and without Ninas belongings they still came and let me film them. The video your seeing is a direct result of prayer for your daughter (attached video with a flashing light of no significance)

YOUNG: Hi Chris thanks so much for the birthday wishes, we will let you know how Nina gets on. All praying for Nina.

BLEDSOE: I took her belongings and held them up and asked permission for the Angels to protect and heal Nina. I for a moment thought this huge orb was going to land. It appeared 1/2 mile straight up extremely bright. It started coming straight down. It got so low I before it vanished it had me getting prepared for a landing. They definitely know and have Nina on their list.


BLEDSOE: When i say biblical you have to understand what i am saying

YOUNG: Yes I do. I also understand where Ryan was coming from as well when he said it yesterday

BLEDSOE: When you play video games that we create you jqve different worlds with many different parameters. Does not matter what you think the world your playing in has the same base perameters for that world. The dangers differ in each world. Its all programs (information) The world you live in has a program. Doesn’t matter what you want it to be or how we all try to ignore certain aspects of it mechanics. The world is based on good and evil. Angels and demons and the dangers here is you can loose your soul. It can be captured by demons. They possess people


BLEDSOE: No one has a clue as to just how much interaction i have with these beings except my children and a very few others. Like Bob McGuire says i have 1000s of bits of data ie photos videos and more


BLEDSOE: I felt the need to pray tonight that’s is why I reached out.

YOUNG: Thank you it’s great to hear from you I think you’re doing some wonderful things and bringing it to the people

BLEDSOE: (sends photos) This was years ago This child had 1 year to live at 8

YOUNG: How old is he now?

BLEDSOE: (sends photos) This was Christmas on the left and Yesterday on the right. A very special little boy has beaton allot of odds. After we met he began to experience paranormal activity and to this day still does. He is 17.

YOUNG: That’s amazing

BLEDSOE: We love each other, our families become very good friends. So today his mom ask us to come to dc and sped a few days. His dad is head of the world food program.

I have ninas package and am praying now for her. Share this if you would and tell her the Angels are Gathering around her it’s very powerful if she believes

Chris Bledsoe

One example of a disturbing belief is one in which a parent is instructed to tell his daughter, who is 10 years old, that the “healing” will be more effective if she believes in it. When the healing doesn’t work, the child will almost always blame themselves for not having enough faith, which is a concept that in and of itself is devastating for the child.

Please read my autobiography, “Cult Child,” to gain a deeper comprehension of the ways in which the pernicious beliefs of faith healing and demonology influence the mental development of a young person. I am aware of the damage that can be done by people who propagate negative and erroneous beliefs, such as Chris Bledsoe. I spent my childhood there.

As a result of their interactions with Davies and the Bledsoes, a number of the victims, including Young, have been forced to work through the psychological hoax that has been perpetrated on them. Young is one of these victims. Young was able to avoid further descent into what turned out to be a hub of harmful cultic behaviors and disturbing beliefs. Lerner supported Young as he mentally processed what had been done to him.

Now I had an understanding of why Johansson spent his time trying to piece together a story against Lerner that Johansson hoped would be permanently convincing; a story that would turn a community against someone who is willing to expose con artists who are living among them. Lerner had the nerve to speak out against their prophets, and as a direct result of this, in typical cultic fashion, the predators coordinated an unsubstantiated attack against him.

Sidenote: Young’s daughter was not healed by Chris Bledsoe’s “The Lady” and is under the care of qualified physicians.


People who behave inappropriately often experience a state of panic when they are discovered. They go into overdrive in their attempts to create fear by threatening to disclose living spaces or enacting threats of harm on individuals, such as what was meted out on the victims of Christopher Gray, many of whom received harsh and sometimes covert messages through attacking and troll behavior in attempts to silence them.

In addition, the players who are participating in the deviant behavior will attempt to pre-discredit the story as well as the messengers who are bringing it in the hopes that no one will listen. They step up their attacks of intimidating the victims into remaining silent. They control their narrative by participating in a culture that encourages bullying and making fun of them in an attempt to shame them.

Your best line of defense, as well as your own personal responsibility, is to ensure that you are never led astray by false beliefs or illusions. Keep your critical thinking cap on.

Ufology and its sub-set community UFOTwitter is a community rife with unethical individuals who will go through great lengths to silence the voices of Reapers speaking the truth about community elected prophets.

Faith is based on that which cannot be proven. Without faith there is no manipulation. Without Manipulation there is no fear. Without Fear there is no control. Without control there is no power.

Warrior Nun

The prophets and “father ministry” of ufology are in essence feeding their own egos pontificating on “what ifs.” We all know what they say about what ifs. If ifs were fifths we’d all be drunk.

The cultic behavior within ufology is ubiquitous with factions. In Twitter Spaces, unqualified opinionists gather, lending bizarre advice to one another. Hundreds go and listen. What are they all exposing their minds to?

One user boasts his powers of alien contact by bragging about how a woman dared to challenge him, so he sent an alien to destroy her life. Others frantically speaks of demons and urge members to pray, quoting Bible verses and diving down religious rabbit holes. Some space hosts stay up for days, keeping their space open, sleep deprivation taking over as they speak on stage about the hallucinations. Other members laugh and encourage the host, implying this may be a portal into other dimensions. Science defines these prolonged periods of sleep deprivation, marked with hallucinations, as unhealthy dissociation of the mind.

Many walk through life with unexplained experiences. This is not an undenied reality. However, when the experiencer is seeking outside themselves and allows others to tell them what they may be experiencing, the mind is open for influence. When the mind is open for influence, harms arise.

Chris Bledsoe believes in the Lady and demons. Scientology believes in Xenu. Jim Jones believed in Jesus and God. Heaven’s Gate believed in Ufology. The myriad of blind belief systems are many, and abuses of power exist in them all.

Your shield against undue influence by the many charlatans vying for your dollars is to stay rooted in self belief. No one has your answers but you.

Vennie Kocsis

This podcaster discusses the above investigation, which was conducted by Lerner, as well as alarming individuals and other victims within the ufology.

Steven Cambian in September 2022 discussing Lerner’s investigation.


Cambian states being told not to discuss the above story.

UPDATE AS OF 11/19/2022

A few days after this article, Reaping Ufology, was published, a couple of self-appointed “leaders” of UFOTwitter held a live Twitter Spaces, which you can listen to below. As you will hear, the main speakers spend their time fabricating, pontificating, and creating a false, manufactured narrative pretending to know me personally, all of which are incorrect. None of these individuals know me nor have I ever met any of them away from this online community.

These individuals go so far as to do exactly what was done to Lerner, which is to accuse me of having multiple “puppet” accounts, without producing any evidence of such claims. In another Scientology style behavioral pattern, broad statements are made in the hopes that a community will simply take their words at face value. This Twitter space is a perfect example of the cultic dynamics in the UFOTwitter community, as it serves to create hype, dramatic energy and pull the community into a fake narrative that the main speakers created.

Sadly, the most damning part of this Twitter space is that not once did anyone mention the victims, a father or the child who are the heart of this article. In UFOTwitter’s typical fashion, the community’s self serving narrative matters more than victims, and that is a pure example of cultic dynamics in ufology.

Your best weapon against online larpers, internet trolls, bullies and predators is to educate yourself

Read my FAQ to understand more about cults, neurolinguistic programing, cultic behaviors in groups and the harms caused by them.

Check out this Twitter thread with other examples of the dangers of dark beliefs.

Lerner’s Presentation of Evidence and Events

Vennie Kocsis is the author of Cult Child, a memoir detailing her life growing up in a an end-times cult, Sam Fife’s Move of God cult. Vennie is an outspoken advocate against cultic dynamics in communities and society. She is a trauma healing advocate and a promotor of ending child abuse and neglect in America.

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Special thanks to Lisa LaMarr, editor.


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