The Bah Humbug Weapon

I came to a realization. It’s not the non-Christmas worshippers (“thou shalt have no other gods before me” – just a snippet reminder for my Christian readers) who have the bah humbug bug. It’s the worshippers themselves.

Wait. What?


Because they are so wrapped up (pun intended) in themselves and/or their worship of the Tree or the Geez-us) they have no ability of mindfulness to the ones who choose not to worship this day or worship…. Anything. At all. Ever.

I got to wake up today to “Merry Christmas” text wishes on my phone from people who’ve known me at least a minimum of three years (the acquired minimum needed to receive an answer back from me via telephone/text devices – lol – OR about how long it takes to get to know my complicated existence) and did it not cross their minds the conversations and/or the previous years I didn’t participate? Nope. Not even a mind glance or think wink towards me. Just their festive elfy dancing of “me me me!” Merry… What?

Oh, and a very appreciative thank you to the two people who gave me New Moon / Solstice wishes. It was indicative of who pays attention. One was my brother.

Here’s some handy tips for the Christ-Mass Worship-ors in regards to me or us (if the us-es don’t mind me speaking for the anti-X-Mass Coalition):

1. Don’t assume because we don’t bow to the tree we’re not happy. We are. It’s a nice day off to relax.

2. We tolerate your blinking lights and consumerism. Tolerate our choice and/or inability to contribute to the light show and frantic overspending.

3. Just because you decide to give us a gift (because you choose to forget our choices) doesn’t mean we owe you one. We give to you just because… Remember? No? Let me grab my ledger. O_o

4. Yes you can bring us a plate from your gathering. Food is always welcome.

5. Have fun with your worship! Just stop being attacking by accusing us of being “sad” or “humbug” for not joining in.

6. FYI – Satan, I mean Santa’s not real. Neither of them are. Just let it ruminate.

7. There just needed to be a number 7.

So go have fun, whatever you do, and remember not everyone is exactly like you. After all, imagine if everyone was exactly like me. O_O

I know…. I… Know.

Here’s to a new year of more change, growth and awakening.

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