Five Tips For Surviving Holiday Gatherings

Let's face it, for many people the holiday season is a reminder of past and current emotional and/or physical abuse, missing family members, the gathering together of dysfunctional family, even abusers, alcohol consumption and more. So, how does one get through a day which may possibly have to be spent surrounded by dysfunctional behaviors? 1. … Continue reading Five Tips For Surviving Holiday Gatherings

For Those Who Aren’t Merry

I feel reclusive during the holiday season. I feel withdrawn, and my skin crawls from the frenzy of human energy scurrying to appease their loved ones in the name of what they believe to be truth; over charging credit cards; bleeding themselves dry to have the best; to look the best; to hope their friends … Continue reading For Those Who Aren’t Merry

The Bah Humbug Weapon

I came to a realization. It's not the non-Christmas worshippers ("thou shalt have no other gods before me" - just a snippet reminder for my Christian readers) who have the bah humbug bug. It's the worshippers themselves. Wait. What? Yes. Because they are so wrapped up (pun intended) in themselves and/or their worship of the … Continue reading The Bah Humbug Weapon