Planet Pakistan

I am on an airplane full of people. We are going to another planet. It is called Pakistan. We fly through a bright dimensional hole and land, upside down beneath a pod that looks somewhat like a roller coaster. The plane is huge, a 747.

We get off the plane and head into the city where we have opened up a BDSM sex club. We are helping women there leave their oppressive state, and I will be teaching as many as I can how to drive.

I am now in the body of the wife of the village leader. I am trying to talk to my husband. My head is down and my face is covered and I am afraid I will anger him. I don’t know why I am needing to speak with him, but I am waiting at the door for him to allow me to enter the room.

I am back in my own body now, and they are coming for us, the men of the planet Pakistan. they plan to kill us for opening what they call a whore house. We are scrambling to get our things so we can make it back to the plane.

I am holding two puppies, and someone is holding the other one. We are in line to board the plane. I don’t want to leave, but I also, don’t want to die. We have gathered as many women as we can to get on the plane.

I think I left and came back. I can’t seem to stay away from this planet. I am back inside of the sex club. I am with a black woman and another man. We are setting up computers to restart our project.

I am in bed now with a female friend. She is trying to have sex with me, but I am feigning sleep. I realize, though, that there is a mirror on the wall, and she can see my face, knowing that I’m not really asleep because my eyes are open.

I’m in a room now with a crying girl. She is very upset that someone has stolen her boots. They are the only thing she has left from her dead mother. She is distraught, weeping intensely, lamenting the loss of her heirloom. I am determined to find her boots.

I walk through the city entering shops, inspecting people’s feet. Finally, I enter a shoe store, and there in the store, is a girl, wearing the black, high heeled boots. It takes me an hour to negotiate the return of the stolen shoes.  I am happy to have been able to win the negotiation, and I carry the shoes proudly  back to the club to return to the sad girl.

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