First Contact?

I am in a building that is made all of glass except for the floor. The ceiling slants, and the skies above us are so blue and filled with clouds. There are people everywhere, and we are panicked. There is something coming, and we are trying to figure out, where to hide, where to go. We call it the Borialis, and I know it is not the northern lights dancing in the sky, but instead, a ship entering the dimension from somewhere else. It is here. It is time. It is happening, and we do not know what to expect. I am in complete human form, filled with fear and the urge to run.

But there is nowhere for us to go. And time has run out. The building is rumbling. The ground is shaking. I understand that I will die when the glass shatters on top of us. I move my body into the fetal position, preparing for it. The ground is shaking and screaming now. I am numb inside, neither peaceful nor fearful in this instant. I am just braced. It’s coming, and I wait. I cannot help but move my head to the side to look. maybe I can avoid any thick pieces of glass that would spear through my body.

It is moving over the top of us. I shout “OMG!” and everyone looks up. There are so many of us, all hunched over trying to shield our bodies from the collapsing glass, but the glass never breaks. We are stone still gazing at what is passing over the top of us.

There is a massive ship passing slowly over the top of the building.  The roof of our building is in a lopsided triangle shape with the glass ceiling tilting up to a high point above us. The ship is so incredibly low, as if there would be only a few inches between it’s bottom and the glass. It’s moving too slow, and I am sure it will collapse in on us. We are breathless, staring up. It is round like the largest rocket I have ever seen. It keeps going and going over us as long as a train, as if it will never end. It is dark cobalt blue, and each section is banded by the shiniest platinum silver I’ve ever seen. I am mesmerized by its movement. The blue is so brilliant it’s almost as if it is infused with glitter. It is both beautiful and frightening. It’s power wraps around me.  Yet I am aware that it is going to land and in the wake of its landing, the building will crumble.

Suddenly time speeds up, and the ship has landed far off in the distance. We can no longer see it, but where it has landed there are masses smoke and clouds billowing up into the sky. We are piling out of the building to see, but it is much too far off, miles and miles away as if we are viewing the remains of a city that has been bombed.

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