The Mermaid

The Mermaid They said they Found her drowned Below the galley She had Tried to Scratch her way Back to sea And when they say "Drowning" They mean "Breathing" They say she Was homesick For the quiet The way the water Moved things slow The way the starfish Danced in the jellyfish glow She couldn't … Continue reading The Mermaid

In the Silence

There are pathways, an intimate grid, leading to boulevards with dimly lit gas lamps because the history that we share goes beyond the times of the now. There are blue aching planets waiting in line behind this one, and if I blink, I might miss you, gazing at me. You thought I didn't notice. Like … Continue reading In the Silence


and that was the day she stopped speaking abruptly out of the blue without warning and the silence hit the rooms like tunnels occasional echoes of laughter held only in memories no songs nothing just silence just a long, accepting breath that understood how very few were really listening not with ears but with heart … Continue reading Rapt