Wicked Jinn

This is not easy, watching her run from the demons. The hold is strong.  He is wicked jinn. She is blindly submissive; a bit cunning, enjoying the games.

They’re dangerous, babe.

My lids are heavy.  My brain churns thoughts.  I run for home, spooning with dog.  Exhaustion.  I am aggressive and stalwart.  

She said my presence antagonizes the predators; light stirring up the darkness there.

Illumination always wins; smothering the deviance.

Everyone here in this place is faux and angry. What the hell ya’ll so mad about? Knuckle up and figure it out.

Sniff a tree.

Climb a flower. 

But for shit’s sake get off the personas; hiding the brokenness of unhealed trauma.

I nestle into this quiet place, the water and pine trees, walks at the lake.

This earth is not my home.  I don’t feel attached. You leave chaos in your aftermath. I write it all out.

There are scrolls to be left behind and read in better times. I’m here for the lessons and observations; and sometimes, the entertainment.

I witness sick mentalities, broken and numbing, with booze, fake news and dramatics; your stretched out minds are so scattered.

I get it. You feel had; gotten over on and mad. But it’s really just self accountability you lack.

You didn’t expect to hear the truth. But honeys, let it go. Everyone wants to know; the who, the you; the is it true?

It’s what we humans do.

Look into the depths of your breath; feel its righteous depths. It changes the brain; releases the strain; and for fuck’s sake, wash out the pain.

A witch’s eye is ancient light, and so, I wish you free of all you give away, and your self inflicted binding.

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