Vennie Kocsis

Author, Poet, Singer, Artist

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Angie Vennie Kocsis 1994-present

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This breakthrough novel will take you on a journey into religious abuse through the voice of a little girl; a voice so riveting, you will forget it is completely based on actual events. In 1973, Jane Caprin takes her three children from their family home and joins a cult, Sam Fife's "The Move". A victim of severe physical, sexual and mental trauma under the guise of Sam Fife's religious doctrines, Cult Child is told from the voice of the youngest daughter, Sila Caprin, as her life consists of fighting to maintain just a glimmer of her own humanity.

Becoming Gratitude

In this unique, affirmation filled journal, Vennie Kocsis helps us begin the simple step into living a life of gratitude. Created from a perspective intended to stimulate the five senses, you will find yourself looking forward to spending a few minutes a day with these journal pages. This journal is designed in a five week segment, each week exploring one of the senses, and each day offering a brief task along with an affirmation. This is a great way to draw gratitude into your life.

Dusted Shelves

Written in gripping and raw prose, Dusted Shelves is a collection of poems expressing the pain and aftermath of surviving ritual abuse. In a language all her own, Vennie takes us into her heart and reminds us that there is healing after suffering.

Dusted Shelves Audio Book