The Seven

The Seven” series consists of seven original drip art pieces on 6″x6″ wrapped canvas. Each piece is signed and numbered in succession of when they were created.  Let the color energy of the seven bring beauty into your life.

My process: 

Art has a mind of it’s own with me.  I never know what medium will call me.  With this series, I was compelled to do a series of seven acrylic drip paintings with a mixture of seven colors each.  I let myself create each piece as it came to me.  Each piece was created on a day when my mind simply said “Drip today.”  So, I dripped.  Now, I follow my heart that this series will arrive into the hands of the owner it is meant for.  Each piece is up for the interpretation of every viewer.  It is yours to frame and turn in whatever direction calls to you.   May the Seven take your eyes to new dimensions. 

I will need to calculate shipping for the purchaser of these pieces.  The full price for all 7 pieces is $175.00 + Shipping.  Please contact me at: – I will calculate shipping and send you a PayPal invoice for the total purchase.  When there is a pending purchase, it will be noted at the top of the page.

1 - FRONT  1 - BACK

2 - FRONT  2 - BACK

3 - FRONT  3 - BACK

4 - FRONT  4 - BACK

5 - FRONT  5 - BACK

6 - FRONT  6 - BACK

7 - FRONT  7 - BACK