Invisible Diagnoses

There are many of us who carry invisible diagnoses.  Because others cannot visually see them, we are often cast aside.  This is on my mind as I share these vlog thoughts to shed light.

Documenting Thoughts On Video

There is so much I want to say as I write this Cult Child sequel.  I feel as though somehow if I can share it, give these impending emotions away, I can find some solace in that.  I also feel a deep need to document this part of the journey in a different way than ever before, something I’ve considered; that I wonder to be risky. 

But what is risk without vulnerability? 

There are deeper caves wherein lives the darkest of my pain in regards to my mother.  I feel the separation. 
I call her by her first name.  

Vlogs – they’re coming.  I’m in the mood to splay some shit open.