Becoming: A Minute Spoken

Dear White People:

Dear Caucasian Friends,

We cannot let our government incite a race war in this country, so please stay with me for 6 short minutes

1. Accept you have white privilege. It’s okay to accept its existence. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you intelligent and honest. Your skin color gives you privileges like not having someone clutch their purse in the elevator when you enter it or not being followed around stores because you’re black or not getting pulled you over for your skin color or hung from trees because of your skin color. Accepting this level of mind control white privilege based on your white skin color simply opens and frees your mind.

2. Stop minimizing #blacklivesmatter. You were not enslaved by the hundreds of thousands, tortured, raped, murdered, had your babies ripped from you and killed or forced to believe a religion that was not your original belief. So let go of the guilt because you aren’t entitled to feel it. Replace it with outrage that any human is ever abused and murdered for their skin color.

3. Do something. Stand beside our black brothers and sisters and use your voice. Attend your city hall meetings and ask why the black people in your community are being murdered, targeted and profiled. Black Americans need our white voices to speak. Your silence, or worse, defense of these atrocities, is the same as pulling the trigger, choking the life out of a black person and passively abusing them for their skin color.

4. Your white entitlement is hurting my family. Stop it. My heart is breaking every time I hear my youngest son say he is afraid to walk on his college campus or the surrounding city.

5. Do not comment on this post with arguments. They will not be responded to and promptly deleted. Take your white entitlement and scroll on past. Bite your cheeks against the need to argue because you can’t take the ancestral guilt of what is being done to our fellow black citizens. If you feel defensive right now, you are experiencing white privilege reactionary emotions.

6. Take the time to explore these presentations from a white man discussing white privilege so you can learn your own history properly. Educate yourself so we can be armed with the knowledge to end the onslaught against black people in our country.

The History of White Privilege

5 Things White People Should Do To Improve Race Relations

Colorblind Denial and White Privilege

Thank you for caring. I know beneath the conditioning and traumatic generational DNA passed on from your white ancestors there is a heart for change, support and love. Let it out.


The white mother of a multi-racial child who will only be seen as black because of your white privilege mindset.


Death Is Not Permanent 

Are you afraid?” Someone asked me today. “People die for the truth, yanno.”

Death. If this is the only thing to fear then, no, I am not afraid.  For me, death is never permanent. 

There are little echoes of programming that come in as subtle, cynical whispers.

No one really… Gives a shit.”

and so the argument begins

Programming: “You’re crazy.”

Me: “Fuck off.

Programming:!”No one gives a shit.”

Me: “Fuck off.

And I tell those little doubt programs that come alive to try and stifle our truth or create nervousness or any negative energy that the handlers can feed off of to Fuck Off.

Some will say, “Just love them.”

Not I. I’m a warrior. I take out a verbal pistol and blast them to so many pieces they can’t regain their voice.

I love myself through a lot. Programming isn’t to be loved into non-existence. It’s to be shattered with the same severity with which it split me into a million tiny pieces they could pick up at will.

Except they never can figure out how to completely exterminate some of us. We simply are too strong. They certainly never conceived that so many of us would gather our own shards and make beautiful art of ourselves. 

I am strong. I am a warrior for the unveiling of truths. While sleepers watch the tube, like zombies, I’m preparing for phase two.

A friend said its ended. We are ascending no matter what, and I agree. It’s World War III, and everyone says it’s the Illuminati.

I say it’s you and me. It’s every individual who wakes up and sees. That’s the true battle. Not bombs in the Middle East and staged genocides to keep the sleepers being fear food for the Kabal. No. It is inside of every single human. That’s where the war is as we fight to stay alive long enough to shake a few more awake.

So the answer is no. I’m not afraid. I am ready. I know my truth. I don’t care if it scares you or even if you believe me. The ones who do. They matter. My critics are the non-factors.

We are the calm before the storm. We are rising into our new home.