Born Crazy: A Video Poem

"You're crazy." How often have you heard this phrase thrown around, either flippantly, in jest or to victim blame someone who has overcome or is recovering from abuse? I heard this often as a post-cult teenager and well into my adult years. While I was actually dealing with the behavioral aftermath of being an extremely … Continue reading Born Crazy: A Video Poem

The Soft Bloom Of A Dying Pinwheel

She was broken silver Unwound and unraveled She followed the shadows Of ungranted wishes Wind comes Leaving half torn Remnants of color A pinwheel once moved By breath Sometimes death Becomes a beautiful life Lifting her to the other side Where madness turns To twisted smiles I watch her worry She is churning The what … Continue reading The Soft Bloom Of A Dying Pinwheel

Holding Wishes

What is it like To be granted a wish When your first kiss Was laced with bitterness, Taken from a tender lamb, A brutal sheering; As if wool doesn't scratch And skin doesn't bleed? What is it like To live a lie, A life robotic, stoic, Steps broken, Words unspoken, Fake smiles to the others … Continue reading Holding Wishes

The Mermaid

The Mermaid They said they Found her drowned Below the galley She had Tried to Scratch her way Back to sea And when they say "Drowning" They mean "Breathing" They say she Was homesick For the quiet The way the water Moved things slow The way the starfish Danced in the jellyfish glow She couldn't … Continue reading The Mermaid