Co-Dependency/Narcissism Summit: A Free Ticket

Overcome the narcissist. I've got a free ticket for you.

For the Motherless Child

But who celebrates the Motherless child? Who remembers the Grieving sibling Whose life was missing Love and comfort Or the children Riddled with the loss Of she who bore them? Who loves the Worn down souls Unable to open Computer tops For fear of seeing Everyone else's joy As they Sit alone. We are conditioned … Continue reading For the Motherless Child

Through the Mud

I am crawling Beneath barbed wire. It is rigged With explosives. Shhh. Head down, Close to this ground, Knees deep in, sunk, Through the mud. I am dissociated From the change related To regular life patterns. I feel scattered. Into the caves I Disengage for battle. The end is near. I hear the echoes cackle. … Continue reading Through the Mud


After cult life I Know what it's like Run across the road In the dark night Steal vegetables From the neighboring farm And it harm none Mama formed the mission Holding her Bible A glory soaked misfit Cold seeped doorways On an old trailer In lot Number seven Piling up blankets Summers fanning heat There … Continue reading Poverty