7th Veil Mapping Cards

Over the last few years, I fell into the realm of creating digital art. I live for trying new mediums to create. I ended with dozens of pieces sitting on a hard drive.

I tried different endeavors, art stores, even the crazy rabbit hole of NTFs, but I have always followed what I feel comes from my spirit. Maybe to my own detriment since it has resulted to me dumping off many an endeavor.

Then I ordered all of the pieces I wanted in regular photo size. As I sat on my bed with them spread out in front of me, messages were flooding in from the images. Then it hit me. There is a mapping system inside of them.

To read a more in-depth explanation of mind mapping and how I created my own reading system, visit my personal reading page.

Before I launched my reading system, I did many a reading to create a relationship and understanding of the psychology of the cards.

There has not been one reading I have done which did not connect with the recipient on multiple levels, and I feel so honored to have been gifted this ability to share these messages with those meant to receive them.

In a personal reading, I take questions. With the 7th Veil Weekly Mapping subscription, you’ll receive an email every week with a card and a focused mind mapping for your week forward. This includes things to be grateful for, to work on, to accept, release and anything else the cards tell me!

I have set this subscription to a “pay what you can” option. Just type over the amount you see in the window. This matters to me. As the 7th Veil messages flow through me, I’m bursting share to them with the world.

You will be able to discuss the readings with other subscribers, or simply leave feedback or thoughts in the comments section.

Click here to sign up for your subscription, and I look forward to sharing this unique connection with you!