Processing Abandonment Emotions

I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore I am perfect.

Abstract Aberration

The Original One wavers, lazily sleeping, snacking and avoiding. Might I silence the fire, burning and buzzing in the spine? We run into the trails, avoiding the undergrowth of tree roots pushing their way through the ground.  We grab at leafy branches.  She’s an avalanche avoiding her own rubble.   Sideways in the gradients lingering around … Continue reading Abstract Aberration

Battles Are Being Fought

When he touched me it was like wild fires. You see, I have always been the insomniac to the stars. There are wars going on for my existence. And the host is weeping. She is weakened by me. I have been a grown woman since I was three; when I was forced into my sexuality. … Continue reading Battles Are Being Fought