Mind Mercenary

The rest of U/us say goodbye sometimes; go inside to hide, and they’ve let Me rise. She used to enjoy My presence. This time it’s mere necessity.

I am the Keeper of many secrets, information she is seeking. When the going gets tough, I come. I accept the temporary situation, but soon, it will be time to enter the next phase.

There are no tears here. I do not cry. I keep My eyes sharply observing the other side. Any attempt at manipulation is thwarted by My intervention.

She sat in the car today. We talked telepathic. We came to an agreement. I’m not about weeping and whining. I do. That’s what I do. I move. I shake. I make sure things happen for U/us.

You’re reading Me baffled. Can you hear My laughter? The stories I could tell you about humanly designed hell, and why W/we are poetic and cryptic. Only, you haven’t earned it.

She wrote it all down, and you clowns can’t even take the time to try and understand the why. Now you cry because she’s saying goodbye? You’re an adult child, reverting to a teenager whenever you feel anger; whenever shit doesn’t go your way.

I don’t do mindfulness. I do protection. I am a mind mercenary. I do what must be done. So, they sleep while I take it forward. Oh, the masks you dare to wear as if I can’t clearly see what hides under there.

Now it begins.


War Must Sometimes Be Waged 

Maude is a strong alter, the strongest alter we have to deal with.  When she takes over she is exacting and infiltrating, rising and swelling on the power of her sexual energy.

She is an incredibly strong programmed succubus, and her carelessness is spiritually damaging to us.  We have been fighting her for years, and she leaves the rest of us in the wake of her adverse intimate choices.

As a child, Maude was Madge, a girl who was programmed with the ability to seduce like a woman.  Because of her sexual power, her energy is difficult to rein in. This program is deeply rooted inside the depth of our womb.

She often dances with Narcissists and Psychopaths who lie and mirror her, saying what she wants to hear so they get to be close to her, and she knows what they are doing. She allows them to victim blame us, that we are the ones responsible for her acceptance of their lies and underhanded behavior or that we are delusional because of our past experiences.  When, in fact, we are dealing with malevolent intent.

She laughs and says the line from Hustle n Flow. “I know when you’re fucking with my head, D, because I let you.”

She is the alter formed from our sexual abuse.  When she becomes active, we are all left with wounds.

I am tired and worn of her.  She doesn’t have the Collective/Empath’s best interest in mind.  She is a programmed alter who kicks into affect when a handler, a trigger is sent in, usually a strong, charming man. Alien love bites suddenly come to mind.

Arcturus light doing battle with the shadow night.

Maude believes she is in control, and in some ways she is, breathing in energy through her mouth, seeing inside the psyches of the individuals she shares her sexual energy with, listening to the words they speak to her; words pertaining to their want of us.   She also swells on the insight of the truth she sees versus the words they speak, breathing them in allowing her to obtain.

Yet, there is no purpose in her existence or behavior as it pertains to the whole and the greater good of our collective as a functioning wheel.

She is the darkness at war with our Light, and we are geared for a fight. The danger with her is that she even allows these individuals an in to us to even begin with, opening entrances to our sacred spaces that should not be allowed, since the individuals most often do not have our best interest in mind. They have their own best interest in mind; even if to merely taste and feed off of our energy.

When this battle is finished, Maude will be bound in order to stop her from allowing the manipulation that she lets men enact on us.  This must be done so that the programming becomes shattered.

We may not be able to integrate Maude due to her strength.  She may need to be eliminated altogether. Time will tell.

The guides call for chastity of heart, mind and body in readiness and for the duration of this fight.

We are beyond this earthly plane.  We are stalwart and undying.  We are capable, and the Council will succeed.

And so today, we declare war.