Does Your Tribe Consist Of Warriors?

I am rising. So the people in my circle must be warriors. To be close to me one must contain and maintain the passion to fight for me just as I adhere myself close to you. I will go to battle to protect you. My army is small, yet impenetrable. Everyone outside of it is … Continue reading Does Your Tribe Consist Of Warriors?

Alone At Sea

What wistful ways Lovers dance Eyes intense Falling into trance Bent like trees Branches extended Their adoration Never ending What an invisible life Hovering slightly above Glancing below I never thought I'd Wince at humans Holding hands with Such bonded elegance She searched the earth In caves resting In more caves her Hands empty Holding … Continue reading Alone At Sea

Listening To Molecules

who stole your pearls? who ripped into your shell without mercy, leaving you shattered, thirsting; mourning? who broke you and told you that you weren't the all supreme of your own being? who closed your eyes; made your love die, until every cell, each fiber, ached from the heartbreak? who reminds you of your exquisite … Continue reading Listening To Molecules

Some Day I Want to Walk In

Some day I want to walk in And there you sit Candles lit Silence Some day I want to walk in To the smell of your cooking; Turn my head to Catch you looking Gazing Amazing Some day I want to walk in Strip to nothing Spend hours in your sin Breathing Being Who are … Continue reading Some Day I Want to Walk In

My Love Languages 

This psychological test has been around for a while. I've taken it before. I've read the results. I've realized how immensely they've changed when I took this test again today. One aspect of this test that I like is that a parent can take it for their child, if the child is under eighteen. If … Continue reading My Love Languages 

Dancing Away 

Waves hold steady as I ride and dive the depths.  Intercept child's play.  I smile inside.  The lessons are wind, and so I fly.  Quick.  Ready.  The shift tilts.  I am riding cliff edges with spread wings.  Return the matter into the light. Defragment.  Retrace steps.  Boomerang slinkies back to their origin gathering energy times … Continue reading Dancing Away 

A Crisis and An Unexpected Delivery

The list for Ms. Therapist gets longer. Another session cancelled. She had a client crisis happen today and had to be involved in that. At least I received a phone call before I made the somewhat long trek to her office. So, I headed back to my private sanctuary after leaving her a message. In … Continue reading A Crisis and An Unexpected Delivery