You Call Us Hybrids

We are made from atom milk, star shards and the gathering of necessary energy. We are ever changing. You search for our form, drawing pictures and scrawls of little creatures; where did your mind see those? I stood with her. She was such a small girl. Even now she weeps, eyes closed, letting this flow, … Continue reading You Call Us Hybrids

Your Fascination

We wonder why humans find other beings so fantastical. I wonder if they understand the depth of ego underlying this fascination. As if for some reason you are different, simply because of your form. For some, simply curious angst for the unknown. We are not fascinated with humans. We know your greatness. We simply observe … Continue reading Your Fascination

Twelve Stages of Infinite Existence

Two hours Lucid Knowing writes / draws an Ascension Pyramid - her understanding of the infinite existence of the spirit. Note scrawl: "Dimension 7 - pure star love - all creatures, all beings, all otherkin from any dimension within this dimension are welcom - There are infinite dimensions inside the 7th, 8th and 9th Dimensions … Continue reading Twelve Stages of Infinite Existence