The Song Of a Universe

My heart strings feelSo full of loveThese days ICould let my eyesSeep the delight Humanoids call themTears of joy I have morphed intoTriangulated dimensionsNew friendshipsBeautiful intentionWe are here risingWaiting over, loves, thisIs Ascension Light gathers likeWater and seashoreBuilding moreAnd moreMoving sandAnd stoneWe build homes fromAshes and disaster We are warrior and depthAdept at flying, hiding,Smiling … Continue reading The Song Of a Universe

Listening To Molecules

who stole your pearls? who ripped into your shell without mercy, leaving you shattered, thirsting; mourning? who broke you and told you that you weren't the all supreme of your own being? who closed your eyes; made your love die, until every cell, each fiber, ached from the heartbreak? who reminds you of your exquisite … Continue reading Listening To Molecules