A History of Sam Fife’s Move of God Cult


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Sam Fife was a former Baptist minister who started his ministry in Florida in the early 1960’s.   He considered himself an apostle by way of a five-fold ministry concept based on the scripture in Ephesians 4:11 which states: So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers.  Sam used very erratic methods in his sermon deliveries, sometimes calm, sometimes angry, raising his voice and screaming, then lowering his voice in these charismatic tactics to keep people rapt into his message.

I’ve done some fairly extensive visual study between the hand movements and tonal speech patterns used by Hitler and the same hand movements and tonal speech patterns used by politicians and evangelists after World War II into the 1950’s.  The comparison is frighteningly similar.  Another aspect of the cult era that I have been studying over the years is related to Project Paperclip, a government program which orchestrated and funded the transfer of over 1,500 German scientists, engineers, and technicians from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries to the United States for employment.  This Project was conducted by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency.

Alongside this program was Project MK Ultra, sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program, where illegal experiments were secretly being conducted on human subjects at secret bases across the United States.  It was supposedly halted between 1967 and 1973 when coincidentally the cult era began to rise in masses; with cult leaders like Jim Jones and Osho.  Research can be done on Jim Jones and MK Ultra if folks want to read more facts about that case.

These programs developed what is called Monarch Mind Control which creates a mind control slave by utilizing the human brain’s trauma response to create and form a Multiple Personality Disorder, defragmenting the mind through physical trauma, sexual trauma, mental trauma and/or combinations of all three whereby triggers can be implanted into the psyche and then used to cause the fragmented personalities to surface and respond to commands given by the handler, if we want to use de-classified government terminology here.

The torture tactics of Monarch Mind Control very much mirror the abuse tactics used on us children in Sam Fife’s cult.   One question some of us have is why Sam and his recruiters or Elders, if you want to use what he called them, had access to torture information that was at the time very classified information inside of these programs.  It is questionable at best.  Sleep deprivation of us children.  Sexual molestation.  Extreme beatings.  Demon possession casting out rituals consisting of beating and screaming at the same time.  Ice baths.  Being forced into cold showers and sometimes beaten naked in the showers; and more, but very specific type of torture that does mirror the torture specifically used in this program.  So again, it does leave a question in our minds of whether this cult was another transition into mind control testing.  It takes an incredible amount of mind control information and tactics to convince hundreds of parents to not only allow, but participate in the violent abuse of their own children, more that the average little old southern evangelist preacher should know.

Sam’s recruiters set up what they called, and still call, body houses, which were basically churches being held in people’s homes.  They used these body houses for the cult recruitment.  They used fear of the end of days as a key component of their recruiting, messages such as the Communists were coming to invade America, and then of course that was coupled with a message of love and ego stroking that those who were in the group were chosen by God to come live in these wilderness communities.  It was also a very Zionist based theology hailing the Jews as God’s chosen people and to this day the cult is a big supporter of Israel.

Now, this was all going on when the United States was in a very tumultuous time, racial tensions were boiling and a lot of citizens were angry over the Vietnam War. By 1977, Sam Fife was reported in a California newspaper to have around 44,000 followers, a large following for the time.  Sam preached that he would never die and if he did, his death was an indication that the end of the world had arrived.  It was reported to us cult members in 1979 that Sam Fife had been killed in a plane wreck in South America, and allegedly no one could ever find proof of this plane wreck.  Here we sit, 36 years after his death, and the world hasn’t ended, so there went that theory.

After Sam’s death, his teachings lived on through his understudy minister, Buddy Cobb, who revered Sam Fife and continued on with his teachings.  Sam’s teachings are still referenced today by this cult.  Buddy ran his ministry out of Florida and Bowens Mill, GA, which still exists as well.  He travelled around to various compounds preaching and spent a lot of time in Delta Junction, at the cult I was on.  Buddy is elderly and allegedly has Alzheimer’s but many, many abusers are still alive.  So Buddy Cobb’s eventual death does not put an end to the existence of this very intricate and multi-layered cult.

Now that I’ve thrown a skeleton of back information out there, I’d like to take us back a few years to 1972 and talk about the land purchase history of the Ware compound I write about in Cult Child.

On January 3rd of 1972 three men named Donald McClain, Robert Crowell and Leanord Banassek purchased 128.5 acres of land from a man named Fred L. Zajac.  Zajac owned land in other states, like Nevada, where Area 51 is, as well. Before Zajac’s purchase of the Ware, Massachusetts property, there’s not a trail of who owned it prior.  The record drops off to nothing.  I did some research through the Ware Historical Society as well as a personal military friend.  We came to a plausible conclusion that the deed to the land was most likely held by the Army Corps of Engineers and was possibly land that was a former secret military instillation.  During the 60’s and 70’s, many secret military bases where Project Paperclip and MK Ultra were holding their experiments, were being privately sold since they were apparently of no more use to the government.  However, they were not up for public auction, so there was an inside connection that had to be held by all of these parties to even know that the land was available for purchase.

Four months later on May 3rd, 1972, McClain, Crowell and Banassek sold the 128 acres of land to Sam Fife’s Mt. Bether Bible Center for one dollar. Crowell is still connected with this cult, and as I understand it is a leader of one of the compounds or churches in the Midwest.

Donald McClain’s son, Doug McClain was a traveling minister with the cult, and also a major player in regards to orchestrating the buying and selling of much of the cult property in Alaska during 1980. His business partner was a man named George Harris.   At this time, Alaska was gearing up to start giving out pipeline dividends to its citizens, so through McClain and Harris, the Sam Fife’s ministry amassed numerous deeds from individuals in Alaska and began building compounds there.  As I’ve been able to research, there were years where Harris and McClain would sell the deeds back and forth to each other for 10 dollars, possibly to avoid tax payments for the church. There are more compounds in Alaska than anywhere else that I know of, and I believe it is specifically because having most of their residents in Alaska allows them to continue collecting on the pipeline dividends since the cult members give over most of their income to the cult leaders’ church associations.

So buying up this land, they were preparing to move as many people as they could up to Alaska to establish residency in preparation for the dividends to start dropping.  Now us cult members were told that Alaska was a safe place to be if the Communists should invade, which to me now, is ridiculous since apparently Palin can see Russia from her Alaskan porch, but my estimate is that at about 1000 a head, with over 100 people on each cult compound in Alaska, which were at the time around five, Haines, Hoonah, Edgerton, Sapa North and Living Word Ministry in Delta Junction where I ended up, these cult leaders were at a base, raking in around 500, 000 a year.  That’s a lot of money for a business in the 80’s.  And that is just touching the tip of the iceberg in regards to the financial structure of this cult.

The land buying in Alaska specifically seems to have been a very strategic financial move on the part of the cult.  To add on top of it, we were right in the middle of military training and testing installations like Ft. Greeley and HAARP was being built close by at the time.   Still today, on Whitestone Farms, Delta Junction, Alaska’s website summary of their history own history, they proudly proclaim how a man named Doug McClain, along with Toby Williams, who was an elder on the compound I was at in Alaska, bought the parcels that Whitestone stands on today.

Again my reason for sharing all of this information is that I find it is important to build the background of how Sam Fife’s cult compounds were created, how some of the land was acquired and how they have a very, very long history of questionable connections and criminal behavior that has been going on for over 50 years.


“Cult Child” by Vennie Kocsis

“Wilderness Blues” is a book by T.B. Botts that goes deeper into the actually living conditions on some the compounds.

“The Still Before Dawn” by Suzanne McConnell is the only other book besides my book, Cult Child, that I know of which address that actual child abuse in and of itself.  Suzanne McConnell video story.

Move Forward is a non-profit dedicated to exposing this group and helping survivors.

Sam Fife Cult Survivor Jacqueline Jarvis’ hub page. 

2005 there was a letter written to the Father Ministry addressing the methods and abuse, but it was never answered.  Read it in its entirety.

“The Jane Tapes” are a recording of an actual supposed exorcism of legions of demons.  Sam Fife performed this exorcism on a woman named Jane Miller.  These tapes really show the psychotic aspects of Sam Fife’s personality.  I find the most interesting part to be the very beginning of the alleged exorcism when he uses a bit of a different, more solemn voice to introduce himself and then goes into this very elaborate description, talking about himself in the third person.

This is a great blog outlining the life and crimes of Doug McClain Sr:        https://dougmcclainsr.wordpress.com

It should be noted that the court  case which cost Doug McClain Sr.’s son prison time involved the illegal sell of shares to a drug based out of goats blood.  Shares to this “medication” were being sold when the drug had not been approved by the FDA.  It was supposedly meant to boost the immune system to cure HIV and other immune based diseases as well as neuropathy.

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Doug McClain Jr. is currently serving 15 years in a California prison and has been ordered to pay over 81 million in restitution for his role in a multi-million-dollar stock loan fraud scheme that defrauded victims all over the world:


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Pictured below, the men in the black suits, from left to right: Joe Lane (or Joe Ingles), Phil Martin and Sam Fife with Sam’s private plane (photo from 1968)

Sam Fife and Plane

The intent of the post is to, in the least, consider abuse methodology which mimicked military style torture, the great con of keeping Alaska money going in a circle from a cult to their businesses and back to the cult.

This post will develop with more information.  You can follow this blog to be notified of updates.