She Cannot Watch


She cannot watch this world with it’s lack of concern. She cannot watch humans share stories of horror before they click the channel to another station. Satiation. Satiation. Bring the brain to another dimension. Escape the images. Babies dying. Children crying. Mother’s weeping. Father’s gone flat. This is the aftermath of a planet turned cold.

This is real chemical warfare, when the DNA sitting inside of the body no longer has a voice; when it has become robotic, static and unconcerned with the burdens carried by the most innocent of her species, the children. This earth is seeping and shaking in flight, preparing to sling forward, and so she draws her sword. She straps on metal boots to stay rooted in place. She slices through aggravation and loss. She beheads egotistical diatribe and places aside ignorance with intellectual rhymes.

Everything they hear goes in one echoed ear and through the rear of the skull where everything’s gone numb; where smart has become the new dumb, because the last book read was forced in high school and current events are spread from digital non-evidence.

Opinions carry more weight these days than facts. Belief has become an actual thing as if it is valid so the cabals tally up tithes to set aside for parties with children whose eyes have gone hopeless with the knowing that nobody’s listening to their silence scream. There is hope left still inside of her; that in the depths of the crying, they will know help is coming.

No one hears them because the masses are adhered to the harmonic tone of their own voices, bounced back onto them from their blinders, and they become so tightly bound inside of their illusions that their sensibilities drown.

She will ride high on invisible steeds with chariots of good deeds, boundary lines clearly defined and fight stalwart battles, until generations of trauma have been healed. One life at a time. No child left behind. One step. One wound bandaged,  then a chance to become accustomed to the scars left from being ravaged.

You sleepers and your habits have left the vulnerable tattered. So, she waits. She watches. She listens to the clock’s tick tock as time comes in waves. There’s a storm rising. Can you hear the quiet? When it explodes, everything you know will change, and you will never again be the same.


Why You Are So Afraid of Hashtags

How many times have you heard this said?

“Damn hashtags. I hate those things!”

Usually we dislike systems and technology changes that we do not understand. Technology can be overwhelming. Add on change and it can get downright scary. Yet, if you plan to stay abreast with trends that you love, I suggest you become friends with them!

Simply put, hashtags are a way of searching post groupings on a social networking platform just by typing in one word.

Say, for instance, you love horses. You can go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, the four most popular social platforms right now, type in “horses” in their search function, and you will get endless posts about horses. You will find links to articles, forums, videos, photos and more.

Hashtags are, in essence, a way to discover infinite posts on your passions, all by just typing in one word.

How to use them in your posts? Simply put a pound symbol in front of your word. Think about your post and who you will want to connect with. For instance, my passion is child abuse survivors, so my most used one word tags are #abuse #child #children #survivors #csa (that last one stands for child sexual abuse).

If you are into sailing you might use #sailing #sea #sails #sailboat in order to connect with your fellow #sailors

There are also hashtag phrases. Popular Twitter users, Rachel Thompson, @RachelintheOC and Bobbi Parish, @TruthisHers utilize their Twitter account @SexAbuseChat for a global networking chat every Tuesday night where Twitter users can chat with each other by  using the hashtag #sexabusechat

To join their discussion, one simply adds their hashtag to the end of their tweet. #sexabusechat << just like that

I hope this helps those who don’t understand hashtags to become more familiar with them so you can embrace their existence as an inventive way to find everything you love by simply typing one word.

Hashtags have been around a while, and I don’t forsee them going away. In fact, I’m watching social network users utilizing them in extremely productive ways. So don’t be afraid! Come #hashtag with us!