Ghosts Of the Forest

"Ghosts Of the Forest" / acrylic on 11x14 canvas / artist Vennie Kocsis / 2015 While taking a walk in the woods on Monday, light patterns revealed faces and figures in the forest ground. Memories took on a mind of their own tonight as ghosts flowed from my soul. Letting them go with a brush, … Continue reading Ghosts Of the Forest

Girl With a Gun Series # 121

Photography is just as much an expression for me as anything I create. Sometimes my emotion emerges in this way. I don't want to share too much about my own emotion during the creative process so that viewers can observe from your own perspective. I most often never end up having a plan but just … Continue reading Girl With a Gun Series # 121

Birth of a Monarch

"Birth of a Monarch" mixed media acrylic and paper on canvas. 24x24 From the darkness grew a seed, whose life began in the blood red hands of the abusers who froze her heart. The black butterflies represent the Monarch programming style use of abuse methods used by the Ministers who ran the cult I grew … Continue reading Birth of a Monarch