Vennie Kocsis visits Beyond Your Past to discuss healing from childhood trauma.


Vennie sits down with Matt Pappas to discuss the link between trauma and food addiction.


This is the Reason Plagiarizing Others Is a Total Jerk Move


5 Things To Know Before Connecting with a Child Abuse Survivor

by Vennie Kocsis  via Bad Readhead Media


Vennie Kocsis & Lilia Tarawa, author of Daughter of Gloriavale

Vennie Kocsis on Voices of Deconversion

Voices of Deconversion Part 1

Voices of Deconversion Part 2

Vennie Kocsis on I Am A Rockstar

Sexual Trauma Rockstars

Vennie Kocsis on Jim Harold’s Crime Scene

Vennie Kocsis on Behind the Paranormal 

Vennie Kocsis on Out of the Box

Vennie Kocsis on Beyond the Strange

The Revelist 

The Revelist

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