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Vennie Kocsis Interviews and Panel Discussions

Discussing cultic dynamics and the HBOMax’s “The Vow” NXIVM cult with Rachel Thompson.

The Alexa Cast: Cult Wellness With Dr. Alexa Powell

Cult Rehab with Amish Patel

Cult Vault

The Burning Eden Podcast



COAST TO COAST AM with Richard Syrett

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Group discuss on “Night Light” with host Mark Eddy about the traumatic life of Edgar Allan Poe with the curator of The Poe Museum and author of The Poe Shrine, Chris Semtner.


How Childhood Trauma Affects Relationships and Boundaries

The Physiology of Child Sexual Abuse

Healing From Childhood Trauma

The Link Between Trauma and Food Addiction

Part One

Part Two

Guest Posts: Rachel Thompson, owner of BadReadhead Media

This is the Reason Plagiarizing Others Is a Total Jerk Move

Things To Know Before Connecting with a Child Abuse Survivor

Guest Post: I Am a Rockstar

Sexual Trauma Rockstar

Jim Harold’s “Crime Scene”

Behind the Paranormal with Ben and Paul Eno

The stories we speak leave behind pieces of history. They let others know they are not alone n their own journeys. Never let anyone silence your voice.