Welcome To My Shadowland

I am a child abuse survivor of Sam Fife’s The Move of God cult.  My creativity is the therapy by which I manage the aftermath of the poly-abuse I suffered in my childhood.

There are many caves where memories hide out, and I intend to travel them all in this lifetime.

I understand the difficult journey through trauma recovery, and I am here to share my own path with you.

This is the last photo taken of my siblings and me before my mother was lured into what was about to result in a very abusive and isolated childhood.

I’m the happy one on the left.

I’m three years of age.
Cult Child book trailer


I am a highly-sensitive, embodied Empath and integrated DID carrier.  I live daily with the aftermath left over from extreme child abuse. I  understand the journey through figuring out the shattering of religious and sexual abuse recovery. I live it every single day. You are not alone.

I know the intense work it takes in find our original, authentic mind and inner child.  It can happen for us.  It WILL happen for us!

We can integrate the dissected pieces of ourselves.  We can tell our stories from a place of truth and authenticity, rejecting our critics and owning your own strength.

I believe you.  I support you.  I am walking with you 

A Letter to the Defense