Vennie Kocsis

Your Life Begins When You Cease Being a Victim! You WERE a victim. Now you are a Victor moving from Surviving to Thriving.


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I am an author, poet, artist and survivor of Sam Fife’s Move of God cult.  My creativity is the therapy by which I have survived the memories of my childhood abuse. There are many  caves where memories hide out, and I intend to travel them all in this lifetime.

I am a highly-sensitive, embodied Empath and integrated MPD carrier.  I productively live with the aftermath left over from extreme child abuse. I  understand the journey through recovering from the shattering of religious and sexual abuse recovery.  I know the work it takes in returning to our original, authentic mind and inner child.  It CAN happen for you.  It WILL happen for you.  You can integrate the dissected pieces of yourself.  You can heal.  You can tell your story from a place of truth and vulnerability, rejecting critics and owning your own strength. I believe you.  I support you.  I am cheering you on! 


Headshot laugh looking down


I am raw.  I am flawed.  I am open and here without shame, to tell the true story of my own childhood.  I write to survive, and I write for those who cannot find the words to tell their own  story.  Most of all, I write for those who cannot express it.  For you, I give my heart and all of my tender parts. 


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