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“Knowing Maude Seven”


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary story of Sila Caprin, a child spawned out of one of America’s top secret programs, PIA and eventually taken into the Alaska Triangle.

Meet Knowing and Maude Seven, Sila’s mothers, as they work in tandem with the Blues, to extract and send DNA to earth along with instructions that include science.

Knowing Maude Seven spans lifetimes, beginning with the earth arrival of Sila in 1969. Enter the womb and stay in her mind as she travels dimensions in her sleep.

Witness the birth of the spawn, her advancement, communicating with Grey extraterrestrials and refining her telepathic skills and empathic nature.

Yearning to understand who she is, Sila makes a decision to get back into the program that created her and find Heather Hawkins, the woman who procured the funding for PIA.

“The Keeper of Backwards Men”


“The Keeper of Backwards Men” is Vennie’s latest collection of poetry. This book will take you on a soft ride through childhood and adult trauma and into healing and realms of consciousness.

“I’ve chiseled my path,
with the smoothest of stone,
encircle with sunlight,
I’ve named it my home.
I’m most essentials,
my bags are packed light,
this trust is not promised,
I’m prepared to take flight.
notches on belts,
I’m slipping into past,
where the one who came first,
always finished last.”

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