News From the Desk: February 2023

Hello there, dear friends! Can you believe the month is almost over? I’m not sure about you, but it felt like a flash to me. I’ve compiled a list of the month’s highlights as well as some extra treats for you. I hope everything is going well. We can talk here, which I think is really cool. When you’ve finished reading and exploring, simply click the “Join the Conversation” box at the bottom of the page. You have just started a conversation thread! These moments of connection make me happy. I hope you’ll leave some comments, let me know you came by, and say hello.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. I’ll let you fall into goodness and creativity.



We Celebrated Black History Month

As you know, we love poetry, and my dear friend, Lisa LaMarr, and I hold scheduled Twitter spaces through our co-founded account, Poetry Lights. I was delighted to meet a first time author, Paige Cary, who published a remarkable book of poetry, “A Paige in My Diary.” She joined us as the featured poet on Poetry Lights Podcast. She is an amazing young woman and wise beyond her years.

Listen to Paige on Poetry Lights Podcast

Purchase “A Paige in My Diary”


Poetry Quotes We Featured in Honor of Black History Month


I Talked Cults With Mindset by Dave Podcast



Trusting after trauma is a journey that is constantly changing. There is a wound that occurs whenever we are betrayed in general. We are let down and disappointed, and we may wonder why this happened. We can withdraw our trust in order to refocus and protect ourselves. Trusting is often difficult, especially for those who have experienced childhood trauma.

I joined Rachel Thompson on her popular Twitter Space, Sex Abuse Chat, which she founded over ten years ago. This community is supportive and safe. We discussed the process of learning to trust and love after experiencing trauma. I believe you will glean from listening to this space.



Tangling is a type of art that I’ve been experimenting with. The most enjoyable aspect of learning this art form is that it requires keeping the shoulders, arms, and wrists relaxed in order to create freeform lines and curves. Breathing exercises are recommended for relaxation. I keep a journal dedicated to the art of tangling and learn as I go. Check out this tangling for beginners video, and look for some of my tangle art in future issues.



Art depicting children who have been abused serves to force a visual into the eyes and emotions of the viewer. In this series I call “Aura Bruises” I explored what a child would look like if we could see the emotional bruises they acquire when living with maltreatment.



Lessons Learned from Manipulation

Imitation is not the best form form of flattery. It is the worst form of unoriginality.

Five Wounds I Sustained Growing Up In a Cult

“I had no contact with the outside world. Everything was presented to us as far more terrifying than the secluded life we led in ‘God’s service.”

When the Photons Call

“And the photons call out in desperation, for the body to pay attention, and clean the trauma from the veins.”



Here are two e-books that I believe you will love. The process of making them was enjoyable for me. These e-books display beautifully in the Kindle app. Download an eBook reader to your phone if you don’t have the Kindle app. Adobe has a fantastic.pdf reader that is compatible with the majority of smart phones. If you’re using a computer, they’ll open in a browser window for you. Enjoy!

Poetry Lights: 2022 Challenge

“I found myself tearful
With a stranger, just us two.
Who knew that connection
Would wind its way to our hearts”

Manifesting 369

Castles are built brick by brick. Take baby steps.



I open my life to receive all that is good.

I’m pretty sure it’s working. I got new glasses, and I love them.

Vennie Kocsis wearing glasses and a blue coat


One final thing before you go…

Please come write poetry with us! No pressure, but do it!


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