When the Growing Pains Subside

In a time when our global environment is filled with the unknown and a lot of inner pain we must focus on our mental health and thriving. I am hyper focused on gratitude, DNA trauma release and a healthier physical body.

We must thank our body and be grateful when it gives us things such as trigger signals or memories. It is trusting us to process them.

There is no rain today. I pulled open my windows and back door to let the fresh air sweep through my flat. I headed out to a park to soak up sunshine, dogs and smiling faces.

Nature is medicine. It is an important part of my daily self care. I am so excited that my favorite planetarium will re-opening in May! I’m curious if my friend, the beautiful white goldfish, has made it through the renovation. He gave kisses and let me pet him. There is consciousness in these little guys, and we can connect with that.

Yes, that’s my reflection. This is a place of pure peace and quiet.

The changing of the seasons are my favorite times. Spring reminds me that we can bloom, even after hard winters and many days of no light. We are capable indeed, resilient and strong beings.

So many people are aching and trying to figure out the many facets of their mind, experiences and more. To piece together the puzzle of our journey in this life requires an acceptance of solitude at times. Solitude doesn’t always equal aloneness. It can be reserving energy for self reflection and care. However…

Aloneness is not to be avoided. It is to be embraced as an opportunity to be completely immersed in the consciousness of our personal identity.

I learn from being in nature. As I watch the ducks glide, I appreciate their soft symbiosis in tandem with the flowing water. There is no urgency or worry in them. They simply exist, a state of being that I continue to work on mastering.

Reflective moments exist in the spirit of the water.

Flowers Bloom Through Cracks

Nature always wins. It doesn’t matter what we attain. Everything we search and live for is a pinpoint in the relevance of the immense and vast power of Mother Earth. I do not leave this truth unnoticed.

When I saw these flowers pushing their way through the cracks in the boards, I was recalled to a time when I was at a bookstore. I came across Tupac Shakir’s poetry book, “The Rose That Grew From the Concrete.” I tucked myself in a corner chair and read it in one sitting. It’s a beautiful book filled with angst and promise. Add it to your bookshelf. You won’t regret it.

I am resolved in this place of peace that I have created for myself. I am neither in need nor incomplete. I stand in the quiet of my own reflection. There are portals in front of me, and I plan to step through each and every one.

The Vibration of Growing Pains Written in Song

The lyrics of this song by Maria Mena resonate with me as I move toward on my growth journey.

Becoming Gratitude

Twitter has becoming a soft home for me. It fits into the grain of my kind of social media, with interaction and short, quick conversations. I understand social media has become a difficult space for many people. I have departed a few SM platforms myself.

I like Twitter because it is my own personal robot. The more I follow loving and positive accounts, the more my little algorithm finds more of the same.

A sample of what you can expect should you make the chose to follow me on Twitter.

In 2013 I published a journal entitled, “Becoming Gratitude.” I developed the system I lay out in the journal as I was writing my memoir, “Cult Child.” I was aching and grieving inside. I had days of uncontrollable crying. I fought migraines and trauma flues that haunted my body as it pushed the trauma from my subconscious.

Gratitude saved my life. Literally. It was the raft reminding me every day that I had a reason to be on my healing journey. I encourage you to give this journal a try. It takes only ten minutes a day, preferably in the evening, to have a moment of reflection. I do believe that this journal will be life changing for you as well.

Head over to Amazon and pick up your copy of “Becoming Gratitude.” Take the first step into re-training of the brain into a positive vibe forever. This does not mean you will never feel pain again. You will. It just won’t impact you the same. You will find yourself using gratitude as a counterbalance that helps you move through these moments of struggle with much more ease in your spirit. We are all on this journey together. You are never alone.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Walking beside you in my heart.

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