I Never Invite the Press or the Government to My Parties. Do You?

Social media is not what it once was. When social media first emerged in the nineties with software like mIRC (1995), there was a different type of interpersonal connecting. For the first time in history, we were able to converse with people all over the world. It changed our lives. It changed our perspectives. We deeply valued it, even as we sat for a good ten minutes waiting for our dial up to connect.

Now, social media has become a cess pool of trolls, disinformationalists and individuals screaming for censorship. It sinks my heart to see something that was once a positive outlet, become a tool for governments and news outlets. That’s not what social media is. Do we see press at our parties? No. Do we see the government at our family gatherings? No. So, why are they attempting to control our social connections online? These entities shouldn’t even be on our social media. They are not socializing at all.

I grew up in a Communist style society here in America, on a cult who dictated what we could say, wear, eat, drink, read, and see, while every move we made all day long was monitored. If you think this is a good way to live, you are extremely naïve.

I’m active on Twitter. My fellow authors, writers and trauma survivors keep me hanging on for a bit. Social media changed in a slow turn of adding and subtracting functions until the user’s mind and emotions came to be completely in the hands of the site controllers. I’m not that desperate for social media that I’m willing to support platforms that use censorship as a weapon.

Social media isn’t social media anymore. It’s a crowd of unhealed strangers screaming at each other and over each other, projecting those unhealed wounds into whatever cause is trending for the day.

The adding of blue check marks and “verified” accounts only go to people who pay for followers or have the narrative that the platform wants them to have. Those little check marks are not impressive. They don’t make me listen to that person more. I don’t care how many followers someone has, or if they’re verified.

I love to listen to the people no one else is listening to; the ones with few followers, but still sharing their hearts, experiences, lives and perspectives. That’s where I find a linear connection that mirrors what Social Media was like in the beginning when people were truly interested in one another’s lives and hearts. We didn’t try to one up each other. We didn’t rule out certain voices. We only ganged up on pedophiles when they attempted to start their own channels.

Your voice is no more valid than mine and vice versa. Your absolutes don’t apply to me and vice versa. We are individuals having our own experiences. There is no need for the constant tug of war in sharing. Mindfulness in conversation doesn’t come with struggle.

Now, signing on to social media often feels like wading through muck to get to the clear waters. Social media isn’t the best way to start our day. Don’t hit that “trending” button. It’s an arena for kerfuffles and triggers, ego bending and trolling. This behavior isn’t good for the soul/spirit energy at all. Be okay with walking away. We aren’t going to be missed. Most people don’t even realize you’re gone because out of sight equals out of mind for them. That’s when the reality of what we are dealing with sinks in.

I am in complete re-evaluation of what/who is connected with me on all arenas. As we grow, we eject dead weight, and sometimes that means leaving behind things/people we believe we love. It means accepting that most people actually won’t take a stand with you. They won’t support you, even as they complain. I must pave my own way in this life, in my own pattern, with my own critical thinking.

Don’t forget to spend time in nature.

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