I’ve Got Your Number, Lonely

When fall arrives, I get a bit excited. The rainy season means I get long days of hibernation, and being the pluviophile I am, the raindrops inspire my creativity.

I have been listening to Black Pumas on repeat. Especially their song, Oct 33. It crawls all up into my cellular system, hugging my emotions and titillating my brain.

“I’ve got your number, lonely
October 33

I wear it on my soul’s back
Like, fair, fair, fair
nd, I can hear the brass ring, I hear it in the nosebleeds
Where you once felt a cold breeze
Think it was Halloween…”

Black Pumas “Oct 33”

This album is worth an add into your collection. The lyrics of these songs tell stories of intimate relationships and observations of societal connections. I fall into Black Pumas as I paint. Eric Burton’s voice is a mixture of Brandy and a tear in your beer. NuJazz mixed with NuFolk, R&B rhythms and a unique style of their own, I promise that you will feel with this music.

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