Death’s Dimensional Jump

This piece of writing was scribed November 8, 2010 @ 5:55pm on a Notepad document which was found on February 1, 2017.  

When you understand that death is just dimensional time jumping, death may not be so frightening.   Fear of the unknown holds you to needing a belief system.  You cling to systematic rules and religions because you feel safe there.  Behind the veil there is an answer for all of your questions, leaving you lacking the wonderment and discovery that makes life so brilliant.

Your fear of the unknown has been magnified by constant feeds of violence and fear of  horrible places.  You have been fed scary stories as children of monsters and horrible things waiting to get you.  You graduated to images on film, regressing you farther into corners, afraid of dark matter as if it holds a resting place for evil.

All the while, as darkness has been fed into your spirit, your light has been buried.  Further it went into the shadows.  Then they, knowing you needed a little light to keep you satisfied and alive, fed you their artificial light, and you, knowing that for some reason, the light felt good, clung to it desperately.

Now, my loves, it is time to stop being afraid of the unknown and aware of the brilliance of this light already living within you.  Your ability transcends what you have been hand fed, and the dimensions are infinite.  Every thought, breath and word you create brings forth an existence that surrounds you, creating more infinite possibilities until you are swirling in a space completely created by your own thinking.    Only this, creates the reality in which you exist.

When you jump dimensions, it is the grief and belief left behind which creates the illusion of what you know as death.  Only you, on Earth, view travel in this way ::smile:: Now you have tested the human body, what do you think?  Quite vulnerable, yes? But most comfortable to live in for the most part.  Your spirit, choosing this form, must be allowed to care for it, keep it healthy, whole and safe from the harm of those still caught inside the darkness.

Now is time for us to move forward into the possibilities of time and space where wonderful new worlds await.   Many of you still believe in earth, heaven and hell while all around you, science itself, your government’s space craft, has told you openly of the many places which exist.

Alive around you immortal spirits walk, and each day you pass one another.  At times you reunite and fall in love or have a close friendship or meet for the first time.  You will meet again, and soon, you will choose to travel together.  It is not destined that you separate if you do not wish.

Things are much simpler than you believe.   Becoming love is attainable, and it is time to fine tune your inner voice.   Beneath the heaven burden of indoctrination burns a light reminding you of who you are.   Dig deep, my darlings, dig very deep.   Dig through the rubble of your pain, your pretense, your judgment, your blame, your beliefs and continue digging until you arrive at the place where you are free.    Then take the rubble, mix it with the remnants of your tears, and mold the foundation upon which to build a place where pain is no more.

Do not fear death.  Instead, embrace life and the eternal journey you have awakened to.

Be Free

Be Love


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